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Diana. Mid/Top

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Hey guys. I've never written a "guide" before, but I wanna try it to see what kind of feedback I get from my strategies.


These two lanes for Diana are essentially the same, or at least when it comes to her build.

Boots + 3 health pots
kage's pick
codex->stinger->nashor's tooth
merc treads/ninja tabi
rabadon's deathcap
chainmail and/or negatron cloak.
deathfire grasp
abyssal scepter and,
zhonya's hourglass

Q -> W -> E -> Q -> Q -> R -> max Q -> max W -> max E

In the lane, I am almost ALWAYS behind in cs for the first 5-10 minutes, hence the kage's pick. At early game, Diana suffers against most champions from being out damaged. Though her Q hurts quite a ton, she can only do it once every 10 seconds assuming 0 cdr. Considering this, a level 1 fight results in a loss to almost every top/mid champion. That said, I play on the passive side until level 6, poking the opponent and last hitting with Q at the same time.

The exception to the boots and 3 pots, is when I'm purple side top lane against an enemy jungler with strong early gank potential, i.e, lee, xin, mao, or skarn. Instead of 2 of the pots, i get a ward to place in the tri at around 2 minutes. By the time the ward is exhausted, I have usually gone back for kage's to make the most out of it. The reason for buying a ward instead, is because Diana has no escape tactic besides flash. She does indeed have a defensive ability, but not an escape. This also explains why I take Q/W/E for the first 3 levels. Expect a gank. And expect it to be a dive. It sounds stupid that they might dive you, but it happens more than you think. I find that I commonly get ganked at lvl 2 top lane, forcing me to flash to the turret and play even more defensively. BUT, you can bait out another gank by stepping a little bit out of the turret range and W while they chase you into it.... then you E after the turret lands one shot on whichever of the two are chasing you and they either burn flash to get away, or die to the turret.

For her combo, I use Q R W Q R R. Obviously this sequence won't always work, but I'm sure you get the idea. Now, be careful when you use W. 1) Make sure they're actually hitting you.... Why shield when you aren't taking damage?. 2) Use it a little after dashing to them. If you do it immediately after, you end up on top of them and all 3 orbs detonate right away.... Why waste the refresh? The best way to maximize on the skill is to use it when they turn to fight you outside the mob. This way, (especially for lower levels) they take down the shield in approximately the time that it takes for the third orb to rotate around and explode on them, giving you the maximum amount of shield possible.

Another thing about this combo is when to ult in. Depending on how low they are, I adjust the amount of time I wait to ult in. When they are low enough for me to kill with ease (often defined by their fear, running as soon as you hit the Q) I ult as soon as I'm sure that the Q will land. I'm not 100% sure of the programming, but the tooltip on Diana's ult states that it refreshes when used on a target afflicted with moonlight. This is obviously true, BUT, you can actually ult immediately after sending off Q, arriving there before hand but still receiving the refresh. Although this slightly increases the effective down time between Q's, it allows you to move in without the opponent being able to retreat out of your ult range.

This is as far as I'll go with this, but if you want a more in depth explanation of my item build, or perhaps want a guide on jungling or my runes/masteries, then just ask and i'll try and do what I can.