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The Last Supper part 1

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9iUB Reprobate



“8 is a good number. Yes, I certainly shall enjoy adding 8 new trophies to my collection.” Ezreal looked at Rengar across the long dining table and said, “Why 8? I always shoot for 20” he said this as he polished the tip of his Bloodthrister. “You with your metal weapon designed to taste the blood of another, but have you ever indulged with your own hands into human flesh? My claws are driven for the sensation of digging deep into your skin, something you can never have with a rusty blade.”

It was nearly time for the last supper before the next Summoner’s Rift Games and the chosen Champions were gathering around the table to eat together as was custom. Rengar and Ezreal were the two earliest to arrive for the meal, but soon after Rengar had finished speaking the door slammed opened with Darius and his brother Draven, appeared.

“Did I hear someone mock the power of a good blade? Ah, I see now! The beast doesn’t understand the force behind a blade! I will enjoy explaining it as I cut him opened. Haha” Draven pulled out the chair near Ezreal and continued to stare directly at Rengar as he continued to chat with his brother. “Really, brother, can you believe that they would match a Noxius warrior against this feral creature? What does he plan to do; get on all fours and chase me like a dog? Well doggys don’t eat at the same table as humans, and I think maybe he should sit outside in the rain.”

Rengar sat there in silence without raising his voice and acted as if he was not bothered by Draven’s words, but he under the table he started rubbing a bone from his last opponent and gently tucked it away into a pouch as the door opened again. This time the doorway looked empty and was not until everyone looked down did they realize someone was actually standing there. “Why it is just a little girl” thought Rengar, “surely she was not chosen to enter the games, how can this be?” Finally Rengar broke his silent composure, stood up, and yelled, “How can a little girl be a champion?”

Darius smirked and leaned across the table to whisper, “That ‘little girl’ is Annie, and shes not the one we need to worry about...” Just then a roar loud enough to shatter the glass and shake the table was heard and a ferocious giant bear appeared. The bear stood next Annie waiting for its next order. Annie barely lifted a finger and pointed to the chair next to Rengar and the bear stomped his way over and pulled out the chair. Annie took off her coat and casually walked over to be seated. However, when she went to sit down someone appeared already sitting there! It startled Annie enough to let out a quite gasp and the fur on the bear began to stiffin as it snarled at this intruder. “Excuse me. I thought this handsome bear was just being polite to a fine lady like myself.” A piece of chicken fell off the mouth of Draven who couldn’t wait for everyone else to arrive and had been helping himself to the food. “What do you mean polite? You you appeared out of nowhere you witch!”

“Oh Draven, sweetheart, did I scare you? I didn’t know that a warrior from Noxius would scare so easily, tomorrow I’ll make sure to make myself known to you.” She turned her attention to Annie who had decided to take a chair further away from Evelyn and asked, “Your bear is so cute! Does it have a name.” The little girl that had yet to speak finally said in the sweetest, most innocent voice, “Tibbers.”

“Thats adorable! Tell me sweetie, does he obey like a good pet?”

“He’s not a pet. He is my companion, and don’t call me sweetie.”

Before Evelyn could reply something crashed into the window and landed in the far corner of the room. It was a rocket-ship! The door slowly opened itself and out popped Heimerdinger. “Good evening everyone! I must of miscalculated the structure of the building because it would seem this is not the roof and is indeed the exact your I am supposed to be in. So maybe I didn’t miscalculate, but actually knew of the exact coordinates of this location and was good enough to land right here! Eureka! This is a most excellent discovery! Ah yes sorry, where are my manners!” Just then the spaceship began to float and then flew right out of the room through the other window. “Now lets eat, I am starving, but first I must get a drink!”

“Did someone say drink?” Everyone looked back at the doorway and there stood Gragas, a very fat fellow who was carrying an entire barrel of alcohol. “I love me drinks and a friend of drinks is a friend of mine! hahah!”

“No no no. I will not sip that poisonous alcohol, I must remain in good health for the games and shall drink water!”

“Oye. Are you saying me mothers fat? I don’t like brain-heads that call me mother fat!”

“What in the devil are you ranting about? I didn’t even mention your mother!”

“Ah. sorry mate, I might be slightly drunk. But you should try a bit of the devil’s water, tis is the stuff that gets me in the mood for Summoner’s Rift.”

Evelyn held her cup in the air and called Gragas over. “I too enjoy a little partying before a game, what do you say Draven?”

Draven didn’t reply because the entire night so far Evelyn hasn’t looked away from him and it had begun to break his nerves. Luckily for him, Evelyn’s attention was diverted to the doorway again as Riven walked in. Everyone stared at her shining armor and long blade and knew she deserved respect. Riven didn’t say anything and she didn’t have to because everyone there knew she was the last victor in the games and is claimed to be one of the greatest warriors alive. Unfortunately for Master Yi, his introduction was hardly noticed when he arrived and no one payed much attention to the skinny tall warrior.

The supper carried on and the champions retired to their rooms for their last sleep before competition in the next summoner’s rift.

I want to continue the story and plan to but I am a college kid that has a lot of coursework to complete too so if you really want me to continue please follow me on twitter or my tumblr account that I am using for the sole purpose to write about League of Legends!