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pros/cons: best support

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European White



When I see somebody supporting Nidalee I know I'll report them after the game.

My favorite supports are Janna, Soraka, Leona and Kayle.

If Janna builds AP items her E will add so much to team fights. I mean, imagine giving bonus 100+AD to your ADC or top/jungle AD bruiser? That can turn games around. Unfortunately, in Bronze (where I am) really few ADC's know how to work out with Janna... as they don't poke when shielded, or don't don't "develop" their poke skills first... Usually when you shield someone with Janna people just go back...

Soraka is good because of her global heal (which can bring her assists from other lanes) and her really good silence. Also, she scales pretty good (no matter what ppl say) in late game if you have good AP champion in team, because her Q lowers MR of enemies. Problem is that you have no CC!

Leona rules... and that's pretty simple. Her engage is good, her CC is even better (and if you build Face of the Mountain you can even shield your ADC) and her passive helps in team fights and in lane...

Kayle is champion that people usually play mid or top, but she's really good support. Even she has heal her heal is not designed to be spam heal (like Soraka or Sona), but to help your adc to go in (cause of speed bonus). Kayle is basically poke support that deals really a lot of dmg (and her passive destroys armor) and she should zone out and harass enemies. Her Q is good CC and her ulti can get your adc some good turret dives. Late game you can build Nashor's Tooth, Lich Bane and Void Staff and you'll basically hybrid support/ap carry champion.