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Played against Zyra need help

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I have about 300 games under my belt so far and I am still learning everyday. I dont play against Zyra much but encountered her this morning and got raped.

Now these were just blind normals so if they hard counter the champ I picked then just let me know

Ryze vs Zyra

Once I hit lvl 6 she had about 75% HP and I had about 85% but she had Half Mana bar. She had just used her ability to make the (plant turrets) appear and I killed them so I dove after her. Q-R-W-E-Q ignite. Didnt kill her because I didnt have ToG yet. But she Ulted and took about 65% hp from me then use another ability to kill me.

Question: how do I counter her Ult when I am playing against her? basically she pushed tower placed plants outside of tower range to kite me all day. How do I combat this?

I am not in ranked so generally If i have a jungler I will receive no gank help