Auto ignore team feature needed.

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So League of Legends players are known for being trash, and I don't ever see this changing ever. Hence why Tribunal was created, though I think the system is more detrimental to the game then helpful. How often have you heard someone threaten to report you for not buying the items they want you to use or for not playing the character they want you to play.

But there was one feature that I enjoyed and that seemed to genuinely help keep the trolls and flamers away. Was the ability to hide enemy team chat so that the only communication you could have with them, if you so chose, was after the game.

Likewise I think this feature would be a nice addition to team chat so that the only communication you need to have with them is after the game. Cause lets face it, 99.9% of anything that is said in team chat is never worth listening to and will only make you want to afk.

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Sereg Anfaug

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I note that all of your match history is ranked games, and 70% of them are losses. This would be the reason for the poor attitudes.

While most of your builds aren't terrible, they aren't ideal either, and you have some really poor ones... a Leviathan on Rammus, and that AP Sona that you somehow won with, for example.

Not communicating is not the answer, however, and is most likely actually part of the problem.

I also notice that you don't play very many meta champions. While this isn't necessarily uncommon at what I expect your ELO to be given your attitude and match history, it's also not ideal. You might have better luck if you played inside the meta. And while it does look like you're at least playing the meta roles properly(for the most part), I will caution you against going outside those, as that will both damage your team chemistry(causing more people to rage at you), and cause you to do poorly in lane(since the meta is the meta for a reason, and will usually defeat non-meta strategies).

Keep in mind that people are often unpleasant, especially in ranked. Do your best not to make them moreso, and ignore the ones that are anyway. Also, don't be a rager yourself, because if you are, it's no surprise that people rage back.