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dfg nerf pros and cons

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I will agree this item needed a nerf on its dmg but the key part why alot of casters that didnt need this item got it was because of the CDR. Yes 15% sounds like alot but most of the time no caster build boots of lucididty or a morellos or any of the items with CDR because it doesnt work well into the late game. My idea is to keep the base stat of 15% for the dfg but lower the extra dmg down to (4% for every 100 ap). the reason i am saying these things is one of my favorite characters pre and post remake is evelyn how needs the cooldown for her ult otherwise she cant team fight which is a big deal.

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the only problem I'm seeing with DFG is its % damage is very high.

all they need to do is lower the base % damage from 25% to maybe 15% and that would fix it.

25% of max hp is huge that somebody with 3k hp at full taking 750 damage without any ap added. thats nuts if it was 15% base it would only do 450 to a 3k player.

15% would be low enough that its damage would crappy without some AP to back it up.

with 400 ap it gets plus 16% bonus so with 25% base its 41% of current hp but if we lowered the base damage it would be 31% of current hp; much more reasonable IMO.

for those that argue DFG is just plain cheap, you're wrong its a counter to those people who stack hp. and you can counter by building magic resist

example? 41% resistance (about 70 magic resist)

current DFG against 3k hp: normally 750 without AP

ADD magic resist

307.5 reduced so actually 442.5 from 750.
DFG can only hit 1 target with a CD on it. its pretty fair.

people just need to counter it.

or build banshee's Veil :P

I ask Riot plz do not remove the CDR from it or else give us another viable AP item that gives 15% CDR (NOT boots)

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Irelia Bot



You do know that this nerf basically has hurt Leblanc and Viegar the most.

While many champs would just buy DFG because it has nice effects the single target burst mages are being somewhat disregarded and not getting buffs as compensation.

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I say they reduce the amount it does basic; but leave the co-efficient alone and have it do x% flat, not current; so someone at 30% gets hit the same as someone at 100%, but for less.