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lizard elder CHAMPION

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(i should be on riots creativity board) i think riot would actually mess up this champion if they made him. they would just go balls out on him.think about it. his passive...has red buff...forever. gains blue buff at lvl 18 forever. his Q summon little lizards to help. his w sends out a minion lizard to stun. (reactivating this ability will send the second to slow after the stun). his W will steal jungle from where he stands anywhere on the map. his E will let his lizards shoot fireballs at enemy champions. increased atkspd every upgrade 20%atkspeed. his his R will summon a miniature baron to engulf everyone with poison that deals 600 true damage over 6 seconds. at level 18 all his abilities are increased by 30% and he gains an aditional 30% SPELL VAMP and gains a cool down reduction of 20%. they would say after the 2 weeks of you enjoying this champion...HhhhhM HES little op so we buffed his r and nerfed his passive but not enough to tell the difference. riot should consider giving me a job haha