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Attack Cancel Comparison

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This is not a perfect test but it does show that attack canceling can significantly help when you are chasing an enemy. The first time I just autoed and the second time I use attack canceling. I am sure that many of you know of the technique already but I wanted to compare it side by side with the normal autoattacks. I have been practicing this ever since I started playing AD but I didn't realize it helped this much. You can attack a little bit faster but the main point is to stay the closest you can to get off extra hits.


For you guys who don't know what Attack Canceling is it is when you click the ground after you fire an autoattack so you move immediately after, you can't do it too early or else you will completely cancel your attack, for range you have to wait for the projectile to come out and for melee you have to wait for the hit/damage to apply.


(Meant to put this in general discussion please move if possible)

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Bump for justice.