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The DFG nerf isnt done right

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Deathfire Grasp(Riots nerf)
- Activate damage reduced to 15% ( +5% per 100 AP ) from 20% (+4% per 100 AP)
- Cooldown reduction reduced to 0% from 15%

Deathfire Grasp(My nerf)
- Ability power increased to 90 from 80
- Activate damage reduced to 10% ( +5% per 100 AP ) from 20% (+4% per 100 AP)

Ok, now the reason i chose to nerf it this way is because even with Riot's nerf, the % damage is still significant enough that you can rush it to dominate your lane and still deals more damage than most spells. To make up for the drastically nerfed Active, i increased a AP gain to make it still worthwhile and kept the CDR for the champions that need the CDR most like Katarina, Veigar and Brand.

As Morello stated "I think that item's existence destroys diversity and interest - you should just use DFG on all burst casters, and all balance needs to factor in an extra nuke. There's no case where DFG is good and DFG isn't abusive - that basically is the definition of toxic."

Now the reason why DFG is so strong is in fact the Active, its just too good, especially for an Item. By nerfing the power of the active, buffing the AP and keeping the CDR, the item is made better for Burst casters and less of a must pick item for other casters since it requires more AP to do that OMFGWTF damage.
This isnt just me rambling on about how an item that is core on my favourite little yordle is getting nerfed, i've trialed this item on Teemo, Eve, Veigar, Brand, Katarina and Syndra, without the CDR, this item just isnt worth it This item NEEDS the CDR and to keep the CDR i reduced the Actives damage which is seen as Toxic.. making it less toxic since it becomes less of a must buy item.

TL;DR DFG's Active is too strong but needs to keep the CDR, nerf the Active further, Keep the CDR and increase the AP to 90, nerfing the active makes it less of a must buy.