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The New Twisted Treeline.

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I love the new map... it can be fast, or it can last an hour, Ive had both. In my opinion it is much more open, it presents for more positioning options in team fights, and forces engagements between teams, not just lanes and individual players like the old map was prone to do (there really is no more - one bruiser top two bottom template).

In the old map, top was kind of up there by itself doing its own thing, and bottom would occasionally try to gank, then the other bottom would call mia (or vice versa), and then the lane being ganked would run away... it was tedious and boring, and didn't lend to any new tactics.

You can tell by the kill amounts that this map is much more skirmish-friendly, and for me, I've had much closer matched games on the new TT, and even enjoy losing a bit more since even when you lose, you still bag a bunch of kills and have fun. It doesn't feel like the same game every single time like the old TT did.