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How to Support??

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Okay so i play Normal Draft and what not but for S3 i wanna be able to do the Support role. I play ADC a lot usually as Kha'zix or Kog'maw but i wanna learn Support so i can have some flexibility. Any tips or advice or can someone point me in the right direction to learn support roles? any help would be appreciative! Thank you Leaguers and Legendaries!

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Support can actually be pretty fun sometimes and is a crucial role to fill to be successful. There's a few different types of supports. Supports like Alistar, Leona, and Lulu are meant to be very aggressive and able to secure kills for their adc to get fed. Supports like Soraka and Sona are meant to be more as healers and sustainers. Although they still have the potential to poke and to secure kills for the adc, their main job is to keep the adc alive to get not only kills, but a substantial farm.

Another main part of the support role is warding. Keeping river and your tribush warded at all times is optimal, however not always realistic. Timing when you have enough gold to go back and get wards in addition to your items takes some practice. However, wards are key to success. Avoiding a gank, or being able to create your own gank, is possible with wards. Good warding can turn the tide for your team, and help your adc secure a kill to win your lane. Warding dragon around the 8-10 minute mark is always good as well, so if they try and take it you may be able to contest.

One of the other key things about support is their unique itemization. Typically at this time, i run a faerie charm, 1 vision ward (pink), and 1 sight ward (green), and a health pot just for some extra sustain. I usually run this with sona, soraka, or taric. GP5s are a supports best friends. Philosopher's stone, Heart of Gold, and Kage's Lucky pick are all worthwhile items for supports. Use them to your advantage in addition to the assists you should be getting and you'll be in good shape! After these basic items are purchased, items with auras are usually the way to go. Items such as Aegis of the Legion and Abyssal Scepter are good examples of this. At some point in your build you will also want to build your Philosopher's stone into a Shurelias Reverie to help your team either initiate at a good time, or to escape a well timed initiate by the other team.

After the laning phase is a little harder for supports, due to the fact that they are just roaming, which means less xp. Maintaining your xp gain for the support role is also crucial. It's okay to be slightly behind, however you become useless after a 3-4 level fall behind. Look to help any lane that you can in order to keep gaining xp, even if it's just a little bit!

I hope this all helped! If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask.

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Sereg Anfaug

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Yes. It's usually a good idea to know both ADC and Support, so you can work better with your lane partner, so you're making a good choice.

My first advice is to use the meta supports. Don't try to play outside the meta unless you're with a premade 5s team - it makes everything alot smoother.

Second, Runes and Masteries - you want gold gen quints, and gold gen masteries, as well as starting gold masteries. Your other runes should focus on your laning - armor is always good in an AD lane, and AP or MR blues are a good idea as well. I personally use MPen reds I had lying around from my AP pages, since I tend to harass with spells when possible, but there are probably better options. Gold generation is the most important thing here, as you will be relying almost entirely on passive gold and assists for your income.

You'll also want to learn when to pick which support. Personally I like Alistar, Nunu, and Blitzcrank for aggressive lanes, and Janna or Soraka for passive ones(Soraka also works well with an ADC that likes to spam abilities, like Urgot or Ezreal). Leona and Taric can do both well, as they have abilities that can peel off their carry, or initiate and supress for an aggressive play. I haven't played much Sona, but she seems to be an agressive laner. Lulu probably also fits this role, although she has some defensive abilities as well.

As far as building, your best start is Faerie charm, 4 wards, 1 potion. Philo stone is your first purchase after backing, followed by HoG/Boots, in whatever order allows you to come back to lane with decent wards. I like Tabi or Treads(situational) for tanky supports, and Lucidity boots for casters. Some supports like to build Mobs and run around aggresively warding or counterwarding.

After my 2 gold gen items and my tier 2 boots are done, I'll go for an Aegis. After Aegis, Shurelya's and another aura item are good purchases - Soul Shroud, Zeke's, or Abyssal/WotA are good ones, but the latter are dependant on your team comp. I personally prefer Soul Shroud for the extra health and CDR aura.

Finally, you'll want to finish off by building your HoG into Randuin's or Locket, situational. You will very rarely get that far in your build, however.

During all of this, you should maintain one inventory space for nothing but wards, and you should try to max it every time you back. If you have to choose between coming back to lane with a new item and no wards, or waiting on the build and having wards, always opt for the wards(the only exception is if you still haven't finished your Philo stone).

You should also be working with your teammates to carry an oracle's. As the support, you're one of the main oracle carriers. Usually your jungle will be the other, and sometimes a top laner might help out. Rotate the oracle each time the current carrier dies, to avoid creating a financial burden on any one player.

When you ward, focus on key locations. The river brush, tribrush, lane bushes, dragon pit entrance, and a point just beneath the dragon pit, between the tribush and river bush, are the most common laning ward positions.

Later on, you'll want to ward jungle entrances and exits, objectives like baron and dragon, and any routes the enemy team frequently uses. As you play more support, you'll learn good places to ward and when to ward there, but just focus on the basics for now. And remember that you can never ward too much - even if the other team has an oracle, don't stop warding. Even if you lose the ward, it still tells you what you needed to know - someone is there. If I'm warding against an oracle, I often change up my locations... sometimes in the back of dragon and baron pits, and other out of the way places where I can still get decent vision without being too vulnerable.

Above all, protect your carry. If he lives and the other carry dies, you've given him a large advantage in lane, even if you died for it. Even if you don't make a kill, sacrificing yourself to get him out will put you less far behind in lane then if you'd let him die to escape.

Always defer farm to your carry, and be very careful about taking last hits on kills - that gold does far more work on him then on you, so only intentionally take a last hit if it would otherwise get away, or if your carry is in severe danger of dying if the fight doesn't finish fast. If you can safely donate a kill, do so. Always.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Support is about spell timing, positioning, map awareness, and fixing the judgement errors of allies.

With damage mitigation spells such as Janna's shield, practice getting it off at the best times. Always be ready to shield out that Kog shot. Do not heal on allies with heal debuffs. If your ADC gets hit by Leona, go straight for their ADC and exhaust them or CC them.

When an Ezreal is throwing down Mystic Shots on your 1/10th HP ADC, get in-between them and stick there.

Call out mia's and learn to use ping effectively not annoyingly.

As a support you have the luxury of being able to look at the bigger picture. Make it a habit to glance at your mini map like a bad habit. Ping enemies that are joining lanes even if your teammates might know it. If you see your jungle getting countered, ping close allies and then ping the endangered jungle to hire their help.

If an ally makes a bad choice, be there to correct it. They start focusing Alistar, ping Ashe. They get jumped, flash in as Janna and Monsoon. Make smart choices for them. As a support you have so much more control of a match then you would ever believe.

Most importantly, learn to farm assists, when I play, my team is +30 assists over the other. That is a lot of extra gold and it forces you to help.