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Another TT Feedback thread.

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While I do like some of new changes. I have more negatives then positives for the new changes.

Map design is better.
New items!
Easier to jump into as a new player.
Towers being weaker leads to protecting the tower instead of towers protecting you for map control.

No more "random" jungle factor.
No more wards.
More static map control.
Only one buff to contest.
High mobility ganking-heroes still preferred.
Contest point and speed buffs make the map more like "Dominion-lite" instead of "Twisted Treeline." Another comparison is that it's Team King of the Hill in some regards.

Will it lead to more heroes played?

Overall, more negatives than positives. I feel the map has lost it's identity and the only thing it shares with the TT-Classic is that it's 3-on-3. While I do like the it is easier to jump into, this is basically a new map with recent, newer idea mechanics. It is not "Twisted Treeline" as we knew it. Map control was very important in TT-Classic (with and without wards), but now the lack of wards does not promote highly aggressive gameplay that they are aiming for. In fact, with the lack of vision, one could perhaps see a return of infamous Push Meta to some degree. Making taking towers more important than before for map control. This can be seen as both a negative and a positive.

Both in SR and in TT-Classic, 75g went a long way for map control.

There is plenty of room for improvement though. If they can resolve most these issues, then it can probably be called a proper successor to TT-Classic. Until then, would much rather TT-New be a new game mode than replacing TT-Classic.