Twisted Treeline Update Thoughts

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I really like this new map but I would also hate to see the old one go, Is there a chance that both maps could be kept and say maybe they are from different parts of the Lore area?

The new map is awesome, getting used to the new objectives will be interesting but they are really great and bring something new to the table, this map is completely different from the original(Hence wanting to keep both).
I experienced a rather hefty drop in frame rate compared to usual, for me still quite playable but the frames were jittery, I assume this will be fixed in the release.

I also love the new items, I feel they are a little powerful but I think I understand that yous are looking to make Twisted Treeline a faster paced short match and I think the items will be fine, maybe you'll need to add some more similarly powerful ones so champs that don't make use of the current ones also get a benefit.

Haven't had too much experience with the new jungle creeps but I feel the boss, Vilemaw, needs to be stronger, I was able to easily take it down alone and I was only a little fed, I feel it needs to be more of a team objective and it could be used for some interesting team fights.

All in all love the new map and items, though would love to see both maps stay as they are great, the new layout is nice and will defiantly make for shorter matches.
On another note, will you be bringing the Halloween 5v5 map from last year, I absolutely loved it and can't wait for it so i'll be dissapointed if it doesn't come back. I just loved the music and everything about it.

Think thats it

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I hate it, who put capture points in my 3v3's map?!?! ITS SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE A SMALL 5v5's, If this release i'm uninstalling.