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Kha'Zix evolution discussion

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As the title states, this is (hopefully) the place to discuss in-depth one of the more unique features of Kha'zix: Evolution.

Just incase you're not sure what to add, you can answer some of the questions in the paragraph below.

Give a brief summary of Kha'zix's evolutions in your opinion. Which do you take first? Which evolution do you usually leave out? Are there circumstances where you would change up your evolution order or take something else instead altogether?

1. Evolve Claws - I feel this evolution is mandatory, Kha'zix is an assassin through and through, he has no team utility (outside a passive slow that's short lived) and he CC's things by killing them.

I've taken to evolving claws first, as it helps both jungling (after isolating the mobs) as well as last hitting (due to extra range) it also adds a good amount of damage to ganks.

2. Evolve Spikes - A personal favorite of mine, not because it's strong, but simply because it looks cool. This usually competes with evolving Kha'zix's ultimate as my last choice. The strengths of this evolution are that it gives you a nice passive slow proc at ranged, as well as giving you a decent poking ability, also I can't confirm this but I believe you gain extra healing from the extra explosions.

3. Evolve Wings - Without a doubt the most practical of all the evolutions. If you go a game without evolving this then you should be reported for trolling (or unskilled play). Yes, I believe it is that good. Kha'zix, as stated before, is a squishy assassin, he NEEDS mobility and giving extra range on his escape/gap closer on top of a refreshed CD on kill/assist, it's just too good to not have.

I'll choose to take this either first or second. If I'm jungling and I just really need that extra mobility for slippery targets, yeah it will work. In the lane phase however I feel this is only good if your lane is taking a lot of pressure from the enemy jungler and you need more range on your escape. I know a lot of people like taking it first, and for jungling I can see that as it helps with tower dives as well as invades,ganks, etc, but in the lane you won't be in a huge amount of situations that require you to leap after securing a kill (except the aforementioned tower dive)

4. Evolve Active Camo - Certainly less useful than both wings and claws, there are a few situations I would take active camo.

1. The enemy team has a large amount of AoE damage. This is the only time the 40% damage buff will come in handy, as you won't be targeted when you're stealthed by single target and you can dodge skill shots.

2. You really need that extra 1 second of movement speed to keep on top of targets (which spikes would help with as well since they give a ranged slow)

3. You wanna look like a baws.

Yeah, I feel like the active portion of Kha'Zix's ult is extremely lacking and, while not terrible, is certainly not impressive either.

So what are your opinions?

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The claws and spikes, for me, are mandatory! Especially the claws since that does the most damage. I believe the spikes are very good because it does a lot of damage, at least for me, and it helps clear minion waves very easily. The tough one is the jump and the ult. The jump is very good because you jump very far and what not; on the other hand the ult is also good because it gives a third invisibility but the best part is that you take 40% reduced damage.

Depending on how well the team is doing during the third evolution is when I decide whether to get the jump or the ult. I don't really need the jump for some reason; I do well without it. The most important thing is that you ge tthe claws and the spikes.

If the ult wer eto be modified in a positive way it would be easier to decide which is more important. But since it is the way it is, the deciding factor would be if your team is winning or losing by a lot or almost nothing

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I'm probably biased toward leap as mandatory since getting assists/kills in team fights has saved my hide more times than I can count in one game alone.

You can get kills fine without using his evolved leap, however I find myself using it more as my escape tool rather than a way to chase/attack. In that way it seems like Leap and Camo are similar, two evolutions that are used for extra mobility/defense. One for pure damage reduction and the other for damage avoidance.

In the end though, unless they buff his Ult to last more than one second, I don't feel camo is good enough to be worth wings.

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as a jungle focus kha i always evolve: Spikes, Claws and Skin(in that order). Spikes early game is invaluable. When ganking and the opponent runs into the bush and you W you are almost guaranteed to hit them slowing them and dealing great dmg at lvl 6. 55(from passive) 115 base and 90% bonus from any items. Then when they exit the bush you jump at them and Q them for 145 base + 240% bonus dmg.

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I always evolve Q or E first depending on if i have the opportunity to roam, and then the other followed by evolving R at 16. (I VERY rarely evolve W instead of E, usually when i cant even get close to targets because of heavy aoe comps.)

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After spending a good amount of time trying out every evolution for any possible scenario, while also going mid, top, and jungle, I have deducted that of all of the evolutions, E, is the most important while R is the least important. The thing about Kha'zix's evolutions is that they are never set in stone and should be chosen based not only on your current role, but how the game is fairing entirely. A single wrong evolution can spell a bad case of regret if you don't consider the consequences. Once you hit level 6, 11, and 16 with Kha'zix, you must analyze everything and make the best assumption which evolution will be handy currently, AND later on.

Q Evolution: The Q evolution isn't the most important, nor the least. It gives Kha'zix a huge burst of damage against any isolated target. It makes him an extreme monster in 1v1, executions, and quick bursts of damage on scattered foes. Arguably, it's useless due to the clusters of teamfights or the presence of minions in a lane. However, only one of these is an actual deterrent from evolving Q -- the team fight.

Against a team that kites, will be scattered (whether by team comp. or by position individually), or when you're using hit and run tactics this evolution becomes extremely powerful. But against an AoE heavy team that stacks, this evolution will not help you much unless you play very smart and force isolation.

In lane, I get this evolution first or second, depending on the situation. I use it in conjunction with evolved W to clear minion waves, and then Q for massive chunks. I wait for the isolation mark to go off before using it, ensuring the best damage in lane.

For the jungle, I don't evolve this until the end, or I don't evolve it at all. As a jungler my focus is to use my skills to control a fight, not do huge damage. Q doesn't offer control, just big damage.

W Evolution: My second favorite evolution, and probably the second most important one, right behind E. This turns Kha'zix into a very scary poke champion, the damage is not to be laughed at and the slow also catches many off guard. It helps him chase, it clears waves, and it checks objectives and makes it easier to capture them. Evo. W allows Kha'zix to spread his passive in team fights, so it's essential you get this no matter what role you are.

In lane, I get it second/first. If I'm against somebody I can't outright beat in melee, W allows me to poke and whittle them down. Against range, W also helps -- though in ranged vs me situations I like Q more in lane.

Jungling Kha, W is my second option. Clearing jungle is faster and my ganks are stronger because I don't have to be right on top of the enemy to get my passive off.

Overall this evolution offers both damage and control and is a must have in my personal opinion.

E Evolution: The most important evolution in my opinion. Evolving E gives you a huge amount of control as Kha'zix. Turret diving becomes easier, escaping is easier, stealth missions are easier, everything is easier with evolved E. Plus you hop around and fly in the mean time, who doesn't like that?

In lane this is usually my last evolution. Laning phase is usually over and I can use my skills in punishing badly positioned foes. I leap over walls easier, which helps any other lane still fighting. In my opinion laning phase for me ends when I get E or the tower is down, whichever comes first. E doesn't give too much control in lanes, but if you fear ganks it makes escaping a lot easier. With some quick thinking, if you hit 6 and notice a gank, you can quickly get E and escape before they can even grab you or turn it right back on them with help.

Jungling this is my first evolution. As I noted it makes ganking and invading much easier. It doesn't offer damage, but as jungle Kha (despite his assassin role) your job is to control fights and punish overextending and positioning -- E is the best option for this because you're fast, you're right on top of them quicker, and if you don't use it to initiate, you can use it to quickly stick to people.

Very important evolution, despite not having the damage it offers so much control.

R Evolution: The "passive proc and red light" evolution as I call it. It doesn't offer the best control, 40% damage reduction for 1 second at controlled intervals won't save you often, and you find better damage in your Q evolution than another passive proc attempt. However this is NOT a bad evolution. It allows you to still create damage against AoE team comps, it lets you proc your passive another time (if you can, use R for passive proc and use Evo. W for team fight damage spread because they will be stacking in some situations).

I don't evolve this unless under strict conditions like a clustered team fight, me being severely behind, or I eat the enemy Rengar for a 4th evolution. I see this evolution as a passive proc and nothing more. No escape mechanism, no initiator, not even being sneaky -- just a passive proc.

It offers little damage, little control and I don't see it worth the time over the other 3.

TLDR: E > Q/W > R. Evolutions must be chosen carefully and using global awareness. Kha'zix endorses change -- Kha'zix 2016.