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I really like the new TT, suggestion

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I have now played a couple of games on the new TT map. The games were really competitive and I think that the new map design is really good overall.

The graphics, I really love way everything looks and zomg the new boss!
The new layout, the horrible confusion of getting around on the old map is gone.
The jungle monsters consistentcy, and it is easier to farm as part of normal game flow
I can play a lot more champions than the old 10 same OP champions on the old map
I think this map is a LOT more welcoming to new 3v3 players and will bring it more mainstream

I don't have a lot of dislikes at this point, because I never played a lot of the previous TT map because every time I would try to play it my team did poorly and I felt it was because of me not knowing the ins and outs of the map well.

I don't know about the speed boost in the middle of the map. I guess this is to encourage people to use it and contest for the middle objectives. The one game we had Hecarim in he would literally fly into us on the lock points using the speed boost every time. I like the objectives in the middle because it does help spur confrontation and prevent stalling.

Edit:: My suggestion is to reconsider the speed boost, it was really annoying and I think it is detrimental to the map.