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Twisted Treeline Feedback

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its a bit too much like dominion i think. I thought this remake would be 'yeh graphics, fix problems e.g. turtling add some small new things' but its a LOT different

ofc there are things which i like about the big changes but there are some where i dont think it was necessary.

The increase in gold at the start of the game (like in dominion)
i think we need to keep TT closer to summoners rift since we are all used to that. the now 825 gold start is reallllllllllly unnecessary and i think you should just keep it to the normal start.

The capture the altar is better than i thought but i think there should be some way to stop someone from just standing in the altar and capturing it, maybe if an enemy stands in it too? I haven't tried it so i'm not sure if this was already implemented. Replace speed altar with red buff actually.

The changes to the boss to vilemaw is great and i like its abilities ( web, super stomp, double stomp and basic ranged attack) at least i think thats all of it.

Hmmm, the speed buff in the centre of the map is kinda meh ( dominion again, not saying dominion is bad but i dont think twisted treeline should be THIS close to the way dominion works, we all did enjoy twisted treeline as another fun version of SR)

Buffs from doing big things. The altars i believe give ad, ap, and gold. Vilemaw gives health and mana regen, cooldown reduction and attack speed... i LIKE this change The old TT had only a global AD buff which made AD a more viable choice. Now everythings pretty much spread evenly.
AP = health and mana regen
cooldown reduction
AD = health and mana regen
attack speed

Now to the items. I see uve changed some items and upgrades. I think some of them are a bit overpowered and too much (maybe the item that upgrades from a brutalizer? but i havent tested that one out as i could so im not sure) I haven't seen all of them though. The new wriggles pretty cewl.
You removed elixirs and replaced them with viles :/ Im OK with that, BUT i think 500 gold for 1 is too much. i think you should make the price higher than the normal elixirs but by not too much (say about 300-350 gold) and reduce the stats with a new price.

Anyway i think thats about it. Like how the turtling problem is fixed.

Yep. Done. just my thoughts. biggest problem in my opinion is the starting gold but IDK.

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Junior Member


I also agree... It is way too much like Dominion. (I personally love dominion, but none of my friends do.)

Also... I'm deathly afraid of spiders... Real or fake... So this is going to deter me from playing TT....

Not all that happy with the change.

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Senior Member


I can see how you can draw a comparison between dominion and TT, but the new TT is a still very group oriented. At least no less than old TT ever was. Dominion is largely about having a numbers advantage in small groups (2v1 or 3v2) and applying pressure at key points and actually a lot of mind games. A single, lone summoner has a lot more impact on the game than he ever would have roaming around by himself on SR or TT.

TT is still closer to SR in that it encourages the team to stick together to succeed. The King of the Hill points are important enough (especially early game) to warrant early team fights, unlike the buffs in the middle of Dominion. The choice to invade and deny their capture point shouldn't be made lightly because you're a prime target without much vision sitting on top of that point.Not to mention, enemies can get to you much faster than in Dominion (or SR) as they're much less likely to be scattered around everywhere, so backdooring the point solo is rarely a good idea.

There's also the spider boss which is much harder to solo than old TT dragon and - again - encourages grouping up to succeed. Dominion really doesn't have much of anything that requires everyone to group up (the people I play with largely ignore quests), and in many cases it discourages that. It's much easier to backdoor a turret is your whole team is in one spot, so you always need at least one or two roamers ready to 1v1 anyone who tries to sneak around.

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Uncle Jellyfish

Senior Member


I like the new map. Took me a little while to figure out how the altars worked, as I didn't do a custom game beforehand.

The biggest issue I have with this map is the FPS drop. I actually had to lower my graphics to the lowest possible settings (I'm on a laptop with a stock graphics card, but decent RAM and processor), and my FPS would still drop whenever we got into really frantic teamfights. Another problem I had was clicking on targets. I was against a Yorick and Teemo, and I could not, for the life of me, click on their ghouls or shrooms the majority of the time, which made my character walk towards them instead of attacking from afar, resulting in at least two deaths.