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LoL family and friends ties

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Originally created by forum goer "nefariously", it was a good idea that another forum goer wished to continue.

Ahri - Currently not aligned with anyone else

Akali - Originally from Ionia, now works with Shen and Kennen to preserve the balance of Valoran. Has some medical experience as shown with her nurse skin.

Alistar - lone, held in Noxus by Keiran Darkwill, who was killed by Darius.

Amumu - A yordle. Unknown relations. Possibly born in Bandle City like the other Yordles, however awoken as such in a pyramid in the Shurima Desert. Friends with Annie!

Anivia - friends with Nunu : D and Ashe - Freljord, likely also allied with Volibear seeing as he is now allied with the Ashe side of Freljord.

Annie - born from Gregory and Amoline, in the Grey Order. Demon child of doooooom. Friends with Amumu!

Ashe - Freljord. Associates with Tryndamere. (denies these are anything but business) Also knows Nunu. After crowning Tryndamere the King of Freljord, she crowned Nunu as the Freljord League Emissary. Blitzcrank's dating service matched her with Tryndamere.
Married to Tryndamere for business reasons.

Brand - Born from Lokfar, home of the champion Olaf. No allies as of now, simply stated as nature going about its course.

Blitzcrank - from Zaun. Punched Singed in the you-know-where after Singed insulted him. May have conversations and a friendship with Rammus. Unconfirmed crush on Orianna.

Caitlyn - Originally from Piltover, but moved to Demacia.

Cassiopeia - From Noxus, sister to Katarina. (turned serpent after breaking a promise made on a serpentine weapon)

Cho'gath - Born from the "Void", no known allies

Corki - a yordle, colleague of Heimerdinger, born in Bandle City with the other Yordles.

Darius - hand of Noxus, right hand man for Swain. Brother of fellow champion Draven, oddly enough, his ideals are similar to that of another League champion, Riven who simply wants Noxus to be a strong country, Darius more so strong military wise, Riven more so honorable.

Diana - From same village as Leona but worshipped the moon over the sun. Was considered a heretic for it, found ancient writings that showed people equally praised both the sun and moon but was sentenced to execution for it only to escape. Not so much evil, more so wanting acceptance for her own practices, which are right mind you lore wise. XD

Dr. Mundo - CRAZEH. Lives in Zaun dual-citizenship with Zaun and Noxus, also has some in-battle ties with Warwick and Singed. Does not like Anivia, because of the ice walls. "tired of smashing face into ice wall."

Draven - Brother to Darius, might know Swain either through him or through his time in the military.

Elise - Aligned under the banner of the Shadow Isles, might be allies with Eve, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Hecarim, and Yorick.

Evelyn - Complete mystery. May or may not be from the Shadow Isles, but she is allied with them. Yorick apparently knows something of her past but was threaten to keep it hidden. Had a relationship with Twisted Fate and ended up playing him. In theory, allied with Mordekaiser, Hecraim, Elise, Yorick, and Karthus due to all of them being under the Shadow Isles' banner.

Ezreal - Explorer from Piltover. No relations with anyone, may know Caitlyn. Unconfirmed homosexual relationship on Taric, unconfirmed crush on Lux.

Fiddlesticks - Also no ties to other champions, was summoned by a mage called Istvaan, who was from Zaun. Probably died after summoning Fiddlesticks or became him.

Fiora - allied under the Demacian flag, no current family or relations have been stated.

Fizz - Parallels to the underwater city of Atlantis, currently allied under Bilgewater after saving it from a large dragon-shark. Allied with Miss Fortune, possibly Gangplank as well.

Galio - After standing guard over the body of his creator, Poppy stopped to rest in the shade he created, without knowing he was alive. Seeing the hardships on her face, she inspired him to leave his purgatory and he followed her to Demacia to fight for it in the League. Also, once escorted Heimerdinger out of Demacia after Heimer's cart blew something up.

Gangplank - Essentially the Pirate King of Bilgewater, has an arch enemy/lover type relationship with Miss Fortune. Wishes to ally Bilgewater under one flag however.

Garen - Possibly in love with Katarina. Brother to Luxanna. Matched with Katarina using Blitzcrank's dating service. Oddly enough, wishes for peace to be brought between Noxus and Demacia, as clearly shown in the JoJ when Katarina was about to be run through during a conference with Jarvan only to be stopped by Garen.

Gragas - Has no real connection with anyone. And he likes it that way. Drinking buddies with Jax. Has a partnership with Singed to help dole out his special brew of Graggie Ice.

Graves - Born in Bilgewater but left as soon as possible for Zaun. Became good friends with Twisted Fate before he was betrayed by him and given up so that Twisted Fate could learn magic. When he escaped, he joined the League for revenge against his former friends.

Heimerdinger - Colleague of Corki. Born in Bandle City with the other yordles. Was escorted from Demacia by Galio after blowing something up on accident. Assessed the damage with Luxanna. Hated by Rumble for his conforming with humans.

Irelia - Also from the Ionia, related to Zelos(not a champion currently). Was saved by Soraka when Irelia was dying from dark Noxian Necromancy.

Janna - From Zaun. Orphan, no ties with them and now flies under the Demacian flag. Though did teach Karma how to use her fan-weapon. Worked with Zilean on an aircraft. Was partnered up with Summoner Bob (Nidalee's boyfriend) by Blitzcrank's dating service.

Jarvan IV - Part of the Demacian Royal Family. Captured by Swain almost died by the hands of Urgot.but was saved by Garen, a long-time childhood friend.

Jax - Has no real ties other than just being a badass. Drinking buddies with Gragas.

Jayce - Arch enemy of Vitkor after he stole his inventions, which Jayce was quick to steal back, single handedly.

Karma - was tutored by Janna to use her fans into lethal implements. Backed Irelia when she refused to let the elders of Ionia surrender to the Noxians army.

Karthus - Ties himself with the Shadow Isles, possibly making him an ally of Mordekaiser, Hecarim, Elise, Yorick, and Eve. In a metal band with Mordekaiser, Sona, Yorick, and Olaf with him as lead vocalist. Is a lich, strangely volunteers for the league.

Kassadin - Daughter was dragged into the void by Malzahar. Fight against it after looking into it and seeing the horrors. Arch enemies of Malzahar and all void creatures, where Malzahar seeks to bring it to Valoran, Kassadin does everything in his power to stop it.

Katarina - Sister to Cassiopeia, possible love connection with Garen. Also recovered the remains of Sion. Wish to broker peace between Demacia and Noxus, allied with Talon who also looks for her missing father. Feels uncertainty against Swain after all that has happened.

Kayle - Is the Good Sister of Morgana (who is an evil, fallen angel).

Kennen - Born in Bandle City with other Yordles, but is also one of the three Ninja's, alongside Akali and Shen. Has some kind of medical skill as shown with his M.D skin.

Kog'Maw - Was born from a voice that called to Malzahar, and was drawn to him upon his creation and appearance on Runeterra. Not so much evil, just hungry, has a father who may or may not become a champion.

LeBlanc - kind of a mystery, lived in the underbelly of Noxus, part of a guild known as the Black Rose which secretly controlled Noxus for a long time.. Worked with Swain under the Black Rose before he split to become High Commander.

Lee Sin - No ties, but lived in Ionia, everyone in Ionia knows of him because of his actions.

Leona - born among the Rakkor with Pantheon at Mount Targon. Childhood friend of Pantheon. Was to be executed after not doing a ritual where two Rakkor children fight to death but was saved by the sun. Was then brought to Mount Targon to train her abilities.

Lulu - No relations to anyone, unconfirmed but Veigar seems to have a crush on her, even though she is technically a few centuries old.

Lux - Garen's little sis. Met with Heimerdinger once to assess damage done from something in Demacia. Unconfirmed crush on Ezreal.

Malphite - Summoned to kick ass. Considers Maokai a friend.

Malzahar - Found and was drawn to Kog'Maw. A seer, and was drawn to Icathia, and saw in it the Void, which infused itself with him. Now, Malzahar has the power of the Void in him. Wishes to bring the Void to Runeterra, archenemy of Kassadin who wishes to do the exact opposite but always tries to bring him to his side. Caused Kassadin's daughter to disappear into the Void.

Maokai - Born in TT so no relations, good friends with fellow elemental Malphite.

Master Yi - Born of Ionia. On a warpath to retaliate against Noxus, particularly Singed, who created an invention that decimated Yi's village in unspeakable ways. Unconfirmed crush on Soraka.

Miss Fortune - A remarkable bounty hunter for Bilgewater, often bickers with Gangplank over Bilgewater politics, bickering mostly because of her pure hatred for Pirates, one of which killed her mother. Both wish to unite Bilgewater though.

Mordekaiser - From the Shadow Isles, settled in Noxus. Possibly allied with other Shadow Isle patrons, Eve, Karthus, Yorick, Elise, and Hecarim. Currently in a metal band with Olaf, Karthus, Yorick, and Sona called Pentakill, founding member.

Morgana - The fallen angel and evil sister to Kayle. Owns a bakery.

Nasus - Brother to Renekton.

Nautilus - No current family ties, unconfirmed alliance with Fizz to discover what is going on in the seas, possibly to find out what happened to his people.

Nidalee - No ties, her family fell ill when exploring the Kumungu Jungles south of the Great Barrier, she was then taken in by cougars and raised by them. Was dating Summoner Bob before Blitzcrank's dating service put him with Janna instead of her, was last seen threatening the pair of them in cougar form.

Nocturne - No ties, born from a nightmare.

Nunu - From Freljord. Friends with Anivia and Ashe, and likely Volibear. Is the child on his shoulder, Willump is the yeti that is rides.

Brolaf - A berserker from a distant land called Lokfar. Is the lone survivor of a group he traveled with. Born in the place Brand was created. Newest member of the band Pentakill, plays drums alongside Mordekaiser, Karthus, Yorick, and Sona.

Orianna - No ties with anyone, tries her best to make friends with everyone however. Unconfirmed crush on Blitzcrank.

Pantheon - Childhood friend of fellow champion Leona, born at Mount Targon.

Poppy - Born in Bandle City but works as an ambassador of Demacia. Once rested under the shade of Galio after her father was killed transporting a treasure to Demacia.

Rammus - No true ties with other champions, though has found to have a few things in common with Blitzcrank, so they have spoken before. Apparently born in the Shurima Desert but became the champion we all know today in the Plague Jungles, birthplace of Wukong. He seems to be "ok" with everyone.

Renekton - Fallen brother of Nasus, went insane because of dealing with evil people all day every day.

Rengar - Was raised by a human those seems to be another creature born of the Plague Jungle most likely, archenemy of Kha Zix, he wishes to kill him to prove he is the ultimate hunter.

Riven - No family ties. Born in Noxus and rose the ranks due to her convictions, self exiled after seeing their practices first hand. Has many of the same ideals as Darius who wishes to bring Noxus to a strong place, getting rid of the weak and corrupt government.

Rumble - Born of Bandle City, dislikes Yordles of Piltover, or any he thinks ally too much with humans, thinking they think of yordles as just pets or subpar. Possible crush on fellow yordle and champion Tristana.

Ryze - No family ties. Unconfirmed: Considers Xerath a rival.

Sejuani - Enemy of Ashe due to Sejuani believe the Freljord people should fight based off war and fighting where as Ashe wishes to broker peace. In theory, related to Ashe though since she is a direct descendant of one of the three legendary sisters who claimed dominion over the scatter tribes of Freljord. Boar's name is Bristle.

Shaco - No ties to other champions.

Shen - Another Ninja with the Kinkou, works with Kennen and Akali. Has some medical experience as shown with his doctor skin.

Shyvana - Possible orphan, no information on whether her mother is alive or not. Allied with Demacia after fellow champion, Jarvan the 4th, helped kill her father's murderer.

Singed - Apprentice to Warwick. Created the poison that ruined Yi's home as well as the poison that killed Riven's company and made her self exile herself. Was punched down-there by Blitzcrank after taunting him. Has some battle ties with Dr. Mundo.

Sion - Born, died, and raised in Noxus. Body was recovered by Katarina.

Sivir - No family ties

Sona - Abandoned, family ties unknown. Was abandoned at the doorstep of an Ionia orphanage at a very young age with her instrument, the Etwahl. Trained in secret to master it after getting adopted. One of the founding members of Pentakill, the metal band, with Mordekaiser, Karthus, Yorick, and Olaf. Has a hidden emote set with Reindeer Kog Maw that plays "Deck the Hall" Her music is enjoyed by everyone, even Noxians such as Swain.

Soraka - Old lore, a powerful healer of her own right born in Ionia, she ascended higher by use of the Celestial powers becoming a demi god. Became the way she was by cursing Warwick into his current form. New lore, was a celestial god who became mortal after being tricked by Warwick. Unconfirmed crush on Master Yi.

Swain - No family ties. Believed to have caused Katarina and Cass's father to disappear, allied with Darius, with him being his hand, for lack of better term. Was a former member of the Black Rose alongside Leblanc. Archenemy of Jarvan.

Syndra - No family ties

Talon - No family ties, allied with General De Couteau after he was defeated by him in battle. Allies himself with Katarina now against Swain who they believe caused his master's disappearance.

Taric - Family lives in unknown world, unconfirmed homosexual.

Teemo - Good friends with all yordles, trusts Tristana even more, unconfirmed relationship between the two. Born in Bandle City.

Tristana - Yordle, born in Bandle City. Works closely with Teemo. Unconfirmed relationship between the two.

Trundle - Has no ties to other champions. POSSIBLE the lich who cursed his tribe is Karthus.

Tryndamere - Lone survivor of a nomadic clan, hates Noxus. Has some ties with Ashe - has had private dinners with her and quote "who would turn down an invitation from the Frost Archer?" Currently married to Ashe, she however says it is purely political, while he has said nothing.

Twisted Fate - Was once best friends with Graves, betrayed him to Priggs to get his magical powers. Once dated Eve, but has since been broken off.

Twitch - Rest of family likely unsentient rats., possibly works with Warwick/Singed to get his poisons as well as to work.

Udyr - No ties to other champions, but was born in Ionia. Left at age 16.

Urgot - Was part of the group that captured Jarvan IV, and was about to kill him when
Garen came in and cut him in half. The work that was done to reanimate him was created by Vitkor, the same man who led the team that created Blitzcrank, both of which he got no credit for.

Varus - Family was murdered in a Noxus attack upon his Ionian village. Likely alliance with Master Yi due to their similar thoughts of revenge.

Vayne - Family dead after being murdered by a witch, that she has since killed. Born in Demacia and allied with Demacia in theory (OBVIOUSLY an alliteration of Batman.)

Veigar - No known family ties, considered more of a menace than actual evil, tried and failed to steal Bandle City's balloon, shot down by Teemo during his escape. Unconfirmed crush on Lulu.

Vitkor - The man who created Blitzcrank and whose research was used to reanimated Urgot, got no credit for both. Archenemy of Jayce who sees him as someone who gets in the way of his "glorious evolution."

Vladimir - No known family ties. Murdered his mentor after fully coming into his powers.

Volibear - Allied with Ashe, Anivia, Nunu for the Freljord.

Warwick - Was a famous alchemist, and Singed was his apprentice. Soraka is his mortal enemy, since she cursed him into becoming a werewolf. Has battle ties with Dr. Mundo.

Wukong - Trained by Master Yi in the ways of Wuju after not being able to defeat him in combat.

Xerath - No confirmed family ties or friends. Unconfirmed: Considers Ryze as a rival.

Xin Zhao - Ties with Jarvan IV, as Xin Zhao is a companion to King Jarvan III after he was saved by him. Allied with Demacia.

Yorick - Family all long dead. Allied under the Shadow Isles banner with Karthus, Mordekaiser, Eve, Elise, and Hecarim. Is lead guitarist in the band Pentakill with Mordekaiser, Sona, Karthus, and Olaf.

Ziggs - Born in Bandle City, allied with Piltover. Friends and colleagues with Corki and Heim after creating his own school of technology after saving his yordle allies.

Zilean - Family and friends likely dead, worked on an air balloon with Janna however.

Zyra - No family or friend ties, Maokai apparently enjoys her company however seeing as he gets a +1 to movespeed with her around.

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Don't know why this hasn't seen more attention.. I like seeing this all in one place. Also:

-Jarvan IV helped Shyvana slay the dragon that killed her father, then recruited her to his elite guard.
-Rumble's mech is called Tristy (after Tristana).
-Heimerdinger built Corki's ROFL(Reconnaissance Operations Front Line)Copter.
-Sivir was a Warrior in the Noxian High Command until she broke her contract and refused to fight Ionia.
-Gragas made a deal with Ashe and Tryndamere to lease the Avarosa Iceflow from Freljord for the constant water supply to his brewery in Freljord.

Other than that I can't think of anything you might have missed. +1

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"Taric - Family lives in unknown world, unconfirmed homosexual."

this made me laugh

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Forgot to say that Jarvan may be Leblanc...

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pantheon is also from the same place as Leona and Diana he just represents the warrior caste rather than that of the priesthood

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For Maokai, I recommend you include:
"Hates chaotic, destructive magic users" to imply he hates Xerath and Brand. I am unsure if this would stretch to the void, however.
Rumble: Definite rivalry and likely a hatred for fellow inventor and champion Heimerdinger.
Wukong: Friendly rivalry with Jax; possibly regular sparring partners.
Udyr: Likely on good terms with Lee Sin, as a fellow monk.
Where did you get the information about a rivalry between Xerath and Ryze?

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I wouldn't exactly call Morgana the "evil sister", it depends on how you interpret it,
Some people may see Kayle as the evil sister who supports the oppression of her people for "the illusion of efficiency and safety" and see Morgana as only wanting to keep individuality and freedom.

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pantheon is also from the same place as Leona and Diana he just represents the warrior caste rather than that of the priesthood

Pantheon is not from the same place as Diana. Diana is from Mount Targon, she was born a Sun Person (forgot the actual name). On the other hand, Panth and Leona were Rakkor, and not from Mount Targon. Think about it as an analogy to greeks and Mount Olympus. Close, but not the same place.

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aRe I Oh Tea

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Wukong and Ahri are dating.