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Olaf, Pool Party Ziggs and Mundo

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Olaf laughs for about 1.2 seconds, yet his laugh animation (his body heaving out a hardy viking laugh) continues for about 3 seconds. He has the starts of a great laugh (like Vlad's), but it ends soooo much sooner than his animation suggests it should.

I think this is something that has come to the attention of the sound crew, but any chance you can have PPZ's W make a quack sound as it goes through the countdown before detonation? It would be a GREAT addition to this incredible skin!

Dr Mundo's random comment "Mundo Smash" is clearly not the same voice actor as all his other comments. Can you just make it go away, or have the original voice actor re-record the comment? It is one of those things that jumps out at you and makes you kinda cringe every time he says it. It seems an unnecessary inconsistency.

Thanks for considering!