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Any chance we can get opacity controls?

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Senior Member


... for both the Champion health bars as well as for the HUD? This is kind of an 'industry standard' and something that is desperately needed in LoL.

There are countless times my own health bars block those of the minions (as well as all the lil Teemo's running around out there! :O

Having the ability to change the opacity of the HUD would be a nice semi-solution to the challenges many players have regarding the HUD/map visibility while on purple side.

Thanks for any reply!

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Sereg Anfaug

Senior Member


Sounds good to me. If there was a way to change the camera angle, it would be feasible to work around this, but since there's not... transparency on the health bars(and HUD) would help alot.

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You can always modify HUDAtlas by decrasing some of it's visibility.

It's located in:

League of Legends\RADS\Menu\Textures

you can extract it using Skin Installer Ultimate (just google)
and after done just drag over to SIU and install

Also check out http://leaguecraft.com/uimods/
There are some UI mods that deal with it.

PS: I wouldn't expect opacity settings any time soon.