Lurid Resolve, an AD Caster Item

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>explains that some people forgo early game advantage for late game advantage
>gets large post explaining how early game advantage can beat late game advantage
>already knows

Yes, I get the concept, and I have seen it work both ways. It's a combination of player preference and necessity; in the situation where you're forced to go back before you can buy whatever item you're wanting, you still have other options. Just because I like to wait for BF Sword on Draven doesn't mean I won't go with Zerks and Vamp Scepter--or Brutalizer sometimes--if I can't afford that. The person who goes back into the lane without buying anything either has no gold or is an idiot.

While it's very likely that someone who gets Doran's can outfarm or harass, it takes quite a huge lead to actually deny XP and gold, and if things are that bad, you should be calling your jungler for a gank; even if they just back off because of a ward, you can still get close enough to keep farming.