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Elo Hell or leavers...

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First of all, I will start off by saying that I do not consider myself a pro. Although I would not say that I am a noob either. I think my skill level and play is around average, and that I should be between 1200-1300 elo. Which I am not far from now. I know it is possible to have a bad game, I have them too. Sometimes you get an opponent that is just better then you and is able to shut you down early, and unless you have really great team play from then on it is pretty hard almost impossible to come back.

The problem I see that makes it elo hell is the leavers, which I know has been stated several times. Riot keeps saying that they are working on implementing things to make it harder on the leavers. However, nothing has been done in a long time and the problem seems to be getting worse. I would say that on average 6 out of every 10 games I play have a leaver in them. Sometimes on my side sometimes on the other side. It is the leavers that create what people call “ELO HELL”

Are you still going to have a feeder on your team if the leaver problem was non existent. Probably, but do you honestly believe their intent is to join the game and come in and feed the other team so they can lose.(I have only seen this twice in all the games I have played, and both times the team was being very abusive to the player so in reality it wasn’t a shock that he would do that.) for the most part they are just getting outplayed, by someone else. In the 4 out of 10 games that I play that I do not have a leaver, I would say 2-3 of those are actually close games that could end up going either way. I believe that the close games is the goal, as those are the games that are fun and entertaining, and lets be clear, we play the game to be entertained

So my suggestion is that if someone leaves a ranked game, they should not be allowed to join another ranked game for 7 days. They would still be able to play normal, or practice games just not ranked games. I imagine that this could be implemented by riot pretty easily as they are able to turn modes on and off already. So it should be able to be done pretty easy.

Would this penalize the odd person that would have to leave for a legitimate reason? Yes, however, they would still be allowed to play the game, just need to take a week off of ranked play. Would it suck if you had a power outage, yes. Would it suck if you regularly have a poor internet connection, yes. (however, my belief if you have a poor connection you should play normal anyhow, in fairness to the rest of your team.

Anyhow that is my 2cents on Elo Hell, I believe it exists but it is only there because of the larger problem of leavers.