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The lack of forum features is why people only post in General Discussion.

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Riot always complains about off topic threads in GD. Anyone on here who actually goes on other forums (meaning other websites, forums) knows damn well that they don't post in one section. But here on the LoL forum everyone knows GD is the only forum and everyone rarely, if ever, visits other sections. Well, why is that exactly? Now I've been thinking about this and it's obvious to me now.

Us not having forum features is the root cause of all of it. Think about that for a second.. There are no statistics. You can't tell how many people are online, how many are in another section. You can't even search for someones post specifically. What does that mean? That means that post have much less value. If I can't search for your post then the only way for you to gain any attention is to post in the most active section. While you would normally be able to keep track of your post and threads, people on the LoL forums feel the need to cling to their threads very strongly. I have more to say about this but it may just be me, thoughts?