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Disappointed in Elise's kit, conceptually.

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So I've been looking at what's been released on Elise's lore. I kind of like it. The idea that she's created a cult for the purposes of feeding off her followers for immortality... the problem is that her kit doesn't fit.

Let's have a few quotes about her:
"Vicious and elegant, Elise's charismatic grace lures the innocent and greedy alike into her web of deceit."
"Elise's regal demeanor and captivating charms belied the feeling of dread she conjured in the pit of my stomach. Something in the deceptively musical timbre of her voice gave the impression there was a monstrous beast locked away beneath that unearthly smile. I looked around at her spellbound followers, and could not shake the feeling that they were ensnared like insects in a web, awaiting some horrible fate."

Her kit is... murder, with some CC. I'm of the opinion that her kit should better resemble her character. Make her Human form seductive, deceptive... the inspiration should be champs like Ahri, LeBlanc, Shaco, Wukong... and then make her spider form abilities murdermurdermurder. Her human form should focus on tricking, drawing the opponent in, making them underestimate her... and then she goes spider for the kill, right when she's got her victim where she wants them.