Help! How can I make music?

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Allow me to explain. To put it simply, there isn't anything in this world that makes me feel such emotions as a good piece of music (lyrical and otherwise) and it had long been my chagrin that I cannot play any musical instruments and I have only a basic understanding of music and musical notation meaning I have had no way to creatively express the music that I have in my mind.

I am aware that I can choose to learn an instrument and that would be fine, except that the pieces I've composed in my head use a wide variety of instruments and sounds that would require me (I think) to have my own orchestra in order to compose them in the traditional sense.

Is there any program online or something that someone like me, who has the desire to create music but lacks the instrumental skill, could use to compose anything from a jingle to a masterpiece? If only there were a way I knew of to arrange notes by various instruments and play them seamlessly, I could perhaps bring some great art to the League of Legends community and possibly the world at large.

Any advice, insight or general helpfulness would be greatly appreciated.