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You will remember Yorick Mori

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Just a short plot I wrote to tie into Yorick's current story. Thought I'd post it now in light of Shadow Isles!

“You will remember Yorick Mori.”

That’s what I tell them, what I always tell them. What I have to tell them. If I don’t say it as my shovel strikes down, then it means nothing. None of this will have meant anything. I failed at keeping that name, “Mori,” alive so long ago. I have to make up for it now.

I still remember, the Rune Wars, that hollow conflict. Like an empty grave. And yet it filled so many. I told the League, told anyone who asked, I died. Told them I died never having had an heir to continue on the Mori name, the Mausoleum. Not entirely true, I had three who would have continue the name. So unfortunate they ended up being my last customers.

The first, he went off into the Rune Wars. It was beyond hell, he said when he came back. If you could say he came back at all—the son that returned to my home was gray inside. Like the numerous corpses I had laid down to their final rest. Wasn’t long before his outside was gray too. War took its toll like that—he simply lost the will to live.

The second, he hurt at his eldest brother’s demise. He laid about the mottled grasses and dirt, lost the will to work. He grew sick in the mind. Grew sick in the body. Wasn’t long before I found him—blending in with the diseased grass around him. Buried him on the spot. Pestilence wasn’t choosy—I would not deny it its claim.

The third, he raged at the lot his family was given. He grew red in the face, raging at his brothers’ deaths. Raging at me for not stopping them. Cut himself off from me, wouldn’t listen to me at all. He blamed it all on me and refused anything from me. Found him skin and bones, his fiery emotions etched on his face, his skin hanging dry on his bones. Famine was desperate that way—it hungered for any life it could take.

When my own end came, dark and bright and pain, I remember laughing. It was only a brief reprise, it all continued anyway. Death tied us all together, it broke us all apart. Death was impersonal and yet so close in that manner.

I failed my sons in that life. I didn’t keep them alive, didn’t ensure the name “Mori” had meaning. So I make up for that now, I make sure my enemies and all who watch will know. They’ll know what I am, and what I fight with. They will know the sacrifice behind the name. They will remember Yorick Mori.

-Colossor, AKA Al Qattawi

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Chef Boyordog



This is pretty good mang. Good work!

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Yeah, Really interesting idea of assimilating past loose ends with Yorick's current traits.

Looking foward for more! C: