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Searching for a game.

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I am making this thread to suggest cutting out the "Accept or decline" stage in the matchmaking. If someone goes through the process of clicking Play and selecting the game mode etc this obviously means they want to play a game! So why does the system then have to ask them again do we want to accept the invite to a lobby?

The reason behind me saying this is the fact that if you search for a game that means you want to get placed in a lobby to play. You do not need to be asked again to accept the invite to the lobby.

The other reason I think this should be scrapped is because sometimes you end up in the matchmaking queue for longer than you should due to players not responding to the conformation question and people who go in thew matchmaking system to decline(method of trolling).

Am I not seeing the big picture here? or why is it that most other games use matchmaking like LOL but don't include the conformation feature.

Thanks for reading.