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Trinity Force vs. Frozen Mallet vs. 2nd Bloodthirster

Trinity Force 6 66.67%
Frozen Mallet 1 11.11%
2nd Bloodthirster 2 22.22%
Voters 9 .

Trinity Force vs. Frozen Mallet on assassins

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Hello all. I would like to get a general opinion on the Phage options on assassin champs like Rengar, Kha'Zix, Talon, etc. The two champs I generally use as assassins are Rengar and Kha'Zix. I characterize assassin champions as champions that are able to target a single champion and burst them down with their abilities, the best ones being the ones that can stealth into the enemy team. Generally, a full AD assassin build for me looks like this:

Ionian Boots, Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, IE, LW, and Guardian Angel

My play style involves me going straight for the squishiest person available and burst them down with my abilities, and then rely on a few auto attacks until my abilities are back. The boots help with the CD, but there is that gap between abilities that I still need to deal damage.

Personally, I am biased towards Trinity Force because of all of its utilities:

+30 attack damage - More damage
+30% attack speed - More auto attacks while abilities are on cooldowns
+15% critical strike chance - Critical damage is good
+250 health - More bulkiness, not as much as Frozen Mallet
+250 mana - More mana for skills (N/A for Rengar)
+12% movement speed - More speed to get in and out of fights
+Sheen proc - 150% damage is GOOD
+Phage passive - 25% chance for slow is good for chasing, but not guaranteed

I believe the best utilities from Tri-Force for assassin champs comes from the movement speed and the Sheen proc. Sure, Frozen Mallet allows me to chase a champion while being bulky. However, my role as an assassin is to kill high priority targets as quickly as possible, not to slow them down. Trinity Force offers me immense amounts of utility and damage for my bursts, and I feel it is a very core item for AD assassins.

Another item I see that could be implemented is a 2nd Bloodthirster instead of Trinity Force, but again, I see that Trinity Force's utility is too much to pass on. Besides, assassins should be relying on their abilities for the majority of their damage, not auto attacks, and sustain should be a lesser priority than utility.

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But Rengar and Kha'zix both have their abilites build off of ad, most of them. If you go second bloodthirster you can burst down faster