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Map Awareness and Others (ranked tips).

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well, im in a personal crusade: reach 1500+ solo queue (by solo i mean solo. I go 3vs3 or 5vs5 premade and play entirely different, but thats other tale).

So i said, "well, i going to do all the ugly work nobody else want if thats what it takes. No tank, pick Shen / Rammus (70% of the time); no support? Soraka / Zil (dont own Sona, but shes a little monster)". And so on.
Im pretty sure my elo is were it supposed to be (im 1350 right now). I usually go shen, rammus, zil (got 3:1 ratio +/-), or Soraka (2.4:1).

My issue is: its my job right? (tank / support role), when should i start buying wards, and how many of those? if im buying alone, its fine or should i stop doing it (2 wards dont make your map exactly shiny)?

In laning phase i buy the classic-river-ward and for dragon if they have a jungler.
But then i try to rush my core items, and kinda stop til mid-late game...

So, how many should i buy considering its my job, but im a soraka or a tank. I want to do my job, but falling behind its a problem too right?
How much should i spend in map awareness, how important should it be, should i stop buying if we are losing badly (need to keep up with the little money we have) or the opposite,
resign-3th item-aegis important, "no more than 1 per trip" important, "all on" important...

And someone knows how the bounty systems works? i mean number, equations, %, when i get one, when dont (i couple of times i healed but didnt get the assist for example).

Really sry for my english if i had mistakes, tried to do my best -.-


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You might not have gotten an assist because it was before the recent patch. Now she does get assists for healing and what not.

As a support char/tank if a ward's time is up you should get another. You'll get your money for items from all the assists if you do your job right. If you have the correct runes also you shouldn't be worrying about items as much (of course runes don't do much mid-late game). But wards really aren't that expensive to worry about running out of money and hurting your item build. 2-3 minion last hits and you'll have enough money for one or two.

Bounty system is based on how many kills the enemy that was killed had. If you kill a feeding champ with no kills even the killer will only get maybe 100 gold. It increases with each kill they have in a row. That's what I have experienced anyway.