I'm on to you RIOT! (or a brilliant suggestion)

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You're planning to make a freaking Honor Queue aren't you?

Heck Yes you are! Why? Because you're awesome and you figured out it's the best way to weed out trolls from regular players.

Even if a player gets into the honor league as soon as they received a ban they would be kicked out and have a hard time getting back in without a change of attitude.

Honor Queue is EXACTLY WHAT THIS GAME NEEDS to promote good behavior. Don't get me wrong, the Honor System is helping a bit, but if we're going to be realistic there's almost no intrinsic value to honor as of yet. Access to Honor Skins would be cool too but having a skin doesn't exactly make the game more enjoyable when you have to deal with negative players all the time.

I'm not even suggesting that this be a Ranked queue (where most problems with trolls exist) but just a queue that would get us playing with other players who are trying to have a good time that won't be at the expense of ruining 4 other peoples' game.