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@Riot New Spell Thumbnails w/ Visual Upgrade

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Spada Lunga

Senior Member


This is an idea that has been bouncing around my friends and I for the past while, ever since the Ashe visual upgrade.

+++ Please take these points into consideration +++

We were disappointed when the upgrade didn't include the spell thumbnails in the HUD. The character looked amazing, but it just seemed weird that the thumbnails stayed the way they were and made the character still seem slightly outdated.

The other point to bring up is the character thumbnails for kills and the score screen. When will your teams be updating these thumbnails to reflect the skin the summoner has chosen? I myself have a few skins, and I feel as though people don't notice them as much as they would if the thumbnail of my skin popped up every time I got a kill.

Thank you for reading this (I hope) and hopefully these can be some changes in a patch in the near-ish future.