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Co-op Improvements

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I know a lot of new players like to play co-op as practice and I remember doing nothing but co-ops for the longest time. They say that practice makes perfect, it's not true; practice makes permanent. Each game of co-op, the player starts on the blue team and only the blue team. This makes it really troublesome if a player suddenly plays a normal game and wound up in the purple team. The players are not used to it, and thus more likely to perform poorly. Personally, I feel it's more hurtful to the players that plays co-op and only starts on the blue team. I remember I had the same struggle when I wanted to adapt to PvP mode when I started.

I know it's a handful of work to remake the co-op workable for both the purple and blue team, the coordination and movement will have to be remade but it can be really beneficial to new players to get this practice in.