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Please pick two:

Skarner 14 63.64%
Diana 3 13.64%
Rengar 6 27.27%
Shyvana 4 18.18%
Volibear 6 27.27%
Hecarim 4 18.18%
Trundle 5 22.73%
Xin Zhao 5 22.73%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 22 .

[POLL] I have 15k IP, please help

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Senior Member


So here ya go:

I have 15k IP.

I play mainly jungle, but I off role top, though I do play jungle around 95% of the time (favorite role). I mainly jungle Maokai and I love playing him, he is awesome. I also support as him too if I need to, and I have had great results from that.

I like the tankier/beefier junglers so take that into account.
I play pretty much only Draft pick, so take into account how often they are banned.
I do not care for Lee Sin, I have tried him, and it just did not click.
I have been thinking of possibly getting a jungler similar to Maokai, in this case Skarner.
I have also been wondering about some other jungle roles such as:
- a good counter-jungler (since I never really do that, I don't think Maokai is that good at it)
- a good assassin (gank heavy) jungler
- and/or another tanky jungler.

I am also sort of intrigued by the junglers who do not use mana.

Please feel free to pick two of the champions list above. Also, feel free to comment in regards to advice on those champions above or to post options you think might fit as well.
Much appreciated, thank you.


PS- I have three rune pages and mastery pages and plenty of runes.

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Senior Member


I wouldn't buy a new jungler until season 3, but right now, pick Skarner, and I don't think it's close. He just fits into the team so well. He doesn't gank as well as Maokai pre-6, but he has more damage, better late game, and he still does it while not requiring a lot of farm (extremely important in this jungle) and having a fast early clear, allowing him to apply pressure to lanes.

tldr; Don't buy jungler, if you do, buy skarner. Shyv is also pretty fun (but she requires a damn lot of farm, which sucks right now).

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Mr Fáhrenheit



Trundle is a BEAST!!! Go with him you will not regret it!

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Aedan Darkmoon

Junior Member


I'm also in this little rut. 15k ip and have no idea what to burn it on. I would say buy a rune page or two and try out a different role until a new jungler comes out that you're excited for. That way, you have the extra room to work with when that time comes. Hope this helps! Have fun!