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Couple of suggestions.

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Do you have any idea how many people would troll with this?

Then these skills would not be unique and would simply be copies of Poppy's skill, they are this way for a reason be it to appeal to noobs or not.

I'm sorry, this is just a horrible idea.

I might go for this if he received reduced damage from AoE spells in exchange for the increased collision box during bloodpool

Doesn't matter, Riot's not gonna implement it.

If you include trolls in any topic about complicated skills, then that skill will end up just like a normal nuke and a normal support spell, which is point and click and there's the outcome nothing special. = boring.

Poppy's knockback will remain unique, because it's more of like a blinkstrike with a knockback effect in it.

Alistar he needs to be in melee range to use it and he does not move with the target unlike Poppy.

Tristana a normal spellshot that knocks your opponent back.

As you can see they will keep their uniqueness, it's about putting a twist on the skill to make it more strategical rather than just plain knockback.

As for Ashe's ulti her current ulti is more horrible than my idea. Her R is a "You're dead button"