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@ Riot ~Selecting multiple friends.for deletion

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I've been playing LOL for approx 3 years now and my friend's list is constantly at the full (300) mark. most of which are inert accounts.

For me to delete just one friend from my file, from the main screen is alot of needless button pushing. For example, if i want to delete player "Xyz" from my list, I need to left click friends, close the carrot for General (I always have at least 15+ players active in general.) scroll down for an offline player, then right click his/her name.. scroll down to remove player, then left click confirmation of yes. Then do all that over again. Doing that 10 times is annoying. I have 300 people on my list.

Anyways to experiment and simplify this process, Riot?

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I'm pretty sure this belongs in PVP.net subsection of the forums, but w/e. Anyway, I totally support this as it is so annoying to select them one by one, especially if you have hundreds of friends to get rid of.