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Champion Suggestion: Iaw the anime lover

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Lore: One day Ezreal was dancing the hare hare yukai when he saw a strange young boy watching him. Ez asked what he was doing. The boy replied, "Baka, this is the way to do it." Ez was stunned at this boy's amazing skill and the revelation that he had been doing the dance slightly off. Ez then noticed a strange feeling overcome him. The boy asked, "Ez-chan, why is your face so red?".
Ez the then mystic shotted the boy and arcane shifted away. Ez: "Baka, my face is just red cause it was really cold out here."
Then for unknown reasons the boy joins the League of Legends.

passive: anime lover - Allied champions around Iaw have their day brightening by his silly pictures he shares with them gaining increased health and mana regen as well as movespeed. Each time Iaw uses and ability this effect is double for 2 seconds.
q: Baka! - Iaw assaults an enemy unit with a massive shot that deals damage and slows them for 2 seconds. used on an allied champion causes them to focus more.
w: Yandere mode - (toggle) When an allied champion is damaged by an enemy bolts of red energy fly from Iaw and do damage to the attacking unit. Additionaly, Iaw gains a massive attack damage bonus to his next auto-attack. Allied champ and effected enemy must be in radius of the ability.
e: Tsundere assisting - Allied champion gains a powerful shield, attack damage bonus and cc reduction for 3 seconds but takes damage from Iaw.
r: I woke up as - Iaw targets an enemy or allied champion and for 10 seconds is able to cast the spells that they are able to cast as if they were his own.