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I was a noob and I decided to get better. Initial results here.

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Hello everyone

Long ago I made a thread about not being able to carry a team in a 5v4 to our favor. 1k elo rating. I explained what I did and people told me I couldn't carry because I had a very bad build.

I kept blaming my teammates for the loses. I thought I was really good.

I wasn't, obviously.

I stopped playing ranked and decided to get better. I actually learned from that thread why I was bad and what I needed to get better. To carry hard and stop blaming my teammates.

I didn't want to play ranked because of the fear of losing because of bad teammates. But now that I've played some ... I'm on a race to getting as far as I can in rating until season 2 ends.

lolking profile: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22066795#history

From those 5 games I played, the only 2 losses were because of my teammates.

"But you said you stopped blaming your teammates!". Yes. If I hadn't done it, for sure, all the other games would have been losses too. I also learned to stop raging and encourage my team to play better and learned about global objectives and how to lead the team.

The results are what you see. Insane, positive scores. They can be better, for sure!

I'm still learning, and right now, what I want to do is keep playing more and more ranked, see how far I can get. I want to thank everyone who answered in that thread (no one remembers i'm not even known over here) because I learned a lot from there, even though the responses were almost all the same.

I'd also love as many tips as you can give to become better. My goal is to be a high elo player for season 3 - and I'll learn and practice as much as I can to do it.

Wish me luck, I'll post results of every match I play this week here, let's see how much I can climb up! It's possible! (no i don't plan on getting plat or so, maybe just 1400 and i would be extremely happy, i'm not a pro)

Match 1
: Twisted Fate mid vs Swain. Won my lane. Match went to late game, teammates couldn't focus the -now- fed Swain and Teemo. Lost because of falling off too hard (idk how to play TF, not going to do it again) and bad focus. 9-10

Match 2
: Ahri mid vs Vladimir. Fair match at mid, when I started to gank I got too fed and I was able to establish game objectives and lead my team to victory. 17-1

Match 3: Extremely easy game that could have ended at 20 mins if it weren't for the Maokai that kept reconnecting whole game. Counterjungled Darius, killed him like 3 times in the jungle and also counterganked him. Rendered LeBlanc useless. Graves was instakilled and Olaf couldn't kill me during the last fights because of mobility. 23-8

Match 4: Winning my lane fairly easily, but my teammates at bot lane and jungle did too bad. (adc kayle ...) we surrendered early. I knew I wasn't able to win this at that point. 6-2

Match 5: Ad carry jayce. Double kill at first 5 mins, getting first blood. From that point on, I could kill Ezreal repeteadly, to the point I could even dive him and Soraka easily. Got too fed; game won at 35 mins because sona had to eat. Once she came back, it was an instawin. 30-9

Right now at 1041 elo expecting at least 1150 at the end of the week

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