League Judgement - Blitzcrank

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Blitzcrank's movements are never without purpose. Each step was diligently calculated, every minute movement from the blinking of ocular receptors down to the wiggling of bronze fingers was determined in advance if the action would provide a necessary function for the task at hand. The current task in question was decryption, which required only the use of the golem's logic circuits. And so, the Great Steam Golem stood frozen, distinguished only from the statues lining the hallway of the League by gouts of steam intermittently released from valves on his back. Above the great doors marking the entry of the League rests an inscription in stone, the target of Blitzcrank's inquisition.

"The truest opponent lies within.”

Minutes pass in near silence, the seconds counted off by the hissing of steam. Suddenly, the golem creaks to life, raising its plated arms directly in front of it. With no wind-up nor warning, it moves towards the doors with a determined gusto. If one ever thought that a being of metal standing eight feet tall should lumber and not move swiftly at all, Blitzcrank would defy their every expectation.

With a loud clang of steel meeting steel, Blitzcrank uses momentum and structural power to force the doors of the League open, quickly stepping into the darkness before they close as quickly as they'd opened.


"Enough, already! I will have order in my courtroom!"

A sudden rush of light filled Blitzcrank's ocular sensors, which quickly adjusted as the golem found itself somewhere it most certainly should not be. This was because Blitzcrank had already been here previously; not in place, but in time. The golem's logic circuits raced to decypher the meaning of the situation, as the hull of the robot stood like a statue in the midst of a Zaun courtroom, flanked on either side by a group of techmaturgy students and a Zaunese professor. Both were visibly angry and looked ready to tear the courtroom, if not each other, to pieces. Blitzcrank quietly noted that their core temperatures must be lowered to prevent overheating, as it had done so the first time it was presented with this situation.

"If you want order so bad, hurry and award me custody of my golem! These hooligans stole every idea from me! I taught them how to build the bloody thing!" Professor Pididly pounded on the polished oak table in a fit of rage with tiny, wrinkled hands. His students, on the other side of Blitzcrank, were quick to offer a retort on intellectual property, sending the courtroom spiraling into chaos once more.

In the midst of it, Blitzcrank stood silent. Every answer it had come up with to the question of how and why the automation was here was insufficient. For times like this, Blitzcrank had developed a method to divine the solution to any problem devised using advanced learning algorithms. The golem was instructed not to do so in this situation, but it was of critical importance to resolve the dilemma.

Turning its bronze head down to the professor, whom was in the midst of shouting insults at his students, Blitzcrank's vocal synthesizer revved to life. "QUERY."

No visible response was provided from the professor, leading Blitzcrank to turn one-hundred-eight degrees to address the furious students. "QUERY."

"That is enough! This courtroom will take a fifteen minute recess, and if you're still all yelling by then, I'm throwing this case out!" The judge hammered his gavel down, sending a sharp crack of sound through the courtroom. Belligerently, the disgruntled sides of the conflict filed out the courtroom's doors, ignorant of Blitzcrank's requests. The golem's ocular sensors followed them until they left its view, at which point the machination turned around and faced the judge. He stared down at the robot with calculating eyes, not unlike the ones Blitzcrank was fashioned with.

"Why do you want to join the League, Blitzcrank?" The judge's hand never left his gavel.


The judge huffed at the canned reply, twitching his nose. "Why do you want to join the League, Blitzcrank?"

Again, Blitzcrank's logic circuits raced. For several minutes, the golem stood unflinching as it often did when calculating complex equations. After finally coming to an answer, it reared its head, meeting the eyes of the judge once more.


A wry smile crossed the judge's face. "How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

The golem lowered its head, gaining vision of its hands. It studied them, watching how they reflected the light of the courtroom, where the rivets in each lay, how cold the temperature of them read. The action seemed to serve no purpose. "IT FEELS VERY... HUMAN."

Instantly, Blitzcrank was showered in light as the stone doors of the League flew open behind him. Blitzcrank turned around slowly, evaluating the empty room that was such a familiar courthouse just moments prior. Facing the entrance to the League, Blitzcrank held his head high and, with a shrug of his great shoulders, marched onward to meet destiny.

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Well that's just mean Sylph1. You KNEW I already had a list for player-created judgments!

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Awesome!! Poor Blitzy!!! They all wanted to be the owners of him, but he only wants to be free.

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Ahhh, brings back the old days, took me a long time to dig this one out!