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Two hour and 30 minute Que

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as far as i know pbe is closed atm.. but you can still try and get on

Hello PBE summoners!

We are implementing a new method for account creation on the Public Beta Environment starting August 10th. Sign-ups on the PBE will now only be open on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of every month, remaining closed for the rest of each month. We’re making this change because player behavior on the PBE has been impacting your ability to test upcoming content in a great environment and we'd like to correct this:
  • Players who are banned for trolling/harassment/etc can simply make a new account immediately
  • Developers are unable to obtain reliable and actionable feedback from the PBE because games are often skewed by leavers/trolls
  • Players who are actually using the PBE to provide feedback and report bugs are discouraged from participating because of the actions of others

Rest assured! We are working on implementing a multitude of improvements to help with this problem as the PBE continues to be an excellent resource for bug finding and feedback during every release cycle; not to mention we also have some pretty awesome summoners on the PBE! Limiting sign-ups is the first step to help make the PBE a better place for playing and gathering feedback.