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Ranked Games Penalty

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Junior Member


Hi all, not sure if it is the right place to discuss this topic, but I'm really tired of losing one player's fault (feed, leave, bad attitude), I suggest the following:

Is it possible to implement as penalty delevel account?, For example:

A player plays 3 ranked, all lost 0/10/2 or worse, is reported by all the team.

It would be great to lose a certain percentage of experience to back up to level 30 in normal and ranked.

As always, excuse my English, I'm from Argentina.



Hola a todos, no se si es el lugar correcto para hablar sobre este tema, pero realmente estoy cansado de perder por la culpa de 1 jugador (feed, leave, mala actitud), sugiero lo siguiente:

Es posible que se pueda implementar como penalidad delevel de la cuenta?, por ejemplo:

Un jugador, juega 3 ranked, todas las pierde 0/10/2 o peor, en todas es reportado por todo el equipo.

Seria genial que pueda perder un cierto porcentage de experiencia para que vuelva a subir al level 30 en normales y no ranked.

Como siempre, disculpen mi ingles, soy de Argentina.


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Mark Akitaki



I was thinking a similar thing about ranked, however, yes you get bad people, but thats not exactly help-able. eventually you will go up in ranked because majority are normal players. however my big problem is LEAVERS. Those who AFK off the start of the game never come back. It is nearly impossible to win when that happens. I feel that it is extremely unfair to lose elo due to a leaver. now again this is a hard situation to deal with. but what if you allow the winners to gain their elo, the afk to lose it. and the rest of the losing team does not gain nor lose elo. That would be extremely helpful.