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HUD ults plus suggestions

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I'm not actually certain where to post most of these but some of these are in-game HUD suggestions so I guess I should post them all here...

1) I think the HUD icon for allies ults (the green circle that turns grey if the allies ult is on CD) should be something else, like maybe the actual icon of the ult, I still meet people that had no idea what that is at all. Replacing it with the actual ult icon that works similarly to spectator mode would allow people to kinda work better as a team, knowing about how long an ult has to come off cooldown so they know immediately what they should or shouldn't do.

2) One thing that I noticed would be a WONDERFUL addition to the game would be a GIFT system, such as if in the friends list you right-clicked them and there was a button "Give a Gift" and it took you to a page where you can spend RP on said friend to buy them nice things! I personally love giving friends birthday presents and whatnot. I don't want to have to ask for a friends login information or give out my creditcard information just to buy someone a gift. I wouldn't suggest sending RP itself though, I can easily see that being abused via referal system and just sending the free RP you get to a main account, strictly skins only! No unfair advantages! Maybe even make it so you can't gift someone unless the gifters account has been active for at least a month

3) I would love... More than ANYTHING in the world to make it so that custom games had a queue dodge timer for dodging any game mode set to "All Random" to prevent people from leaving games JUST because they didn't get a champion they wanted, it angers me and infuriates me to no end and defeats the purpose of "All Random"

I have no realistic views of any of these comming to and happening but I would very much appreciate any of these three things being implimented into the game. PARTICULARLY 2 and 3. Thank you for your time and I do appologize if I posted this in the wrong section >.<