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Get rid of scoreboard and ranked stats

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I propose eliminating the scoreboard, or changing it only shows collective stats for the whole team.

As it is now it seems a lot of people view the game as a killing contest. They complain about ks even if it turned a kill with no assist into a kill with assist. The time and effort they put into complaining and whining, and sometimes trolling and ragequitting is detrimental to the team. If kills weren't displayed by player this might happen less often.

Also it would encourage players to view the team as the base unit.

This would cause some problems because you couldn't as easily see who is a main threat to your team, or who needs a little more gold to become more of an asset to your team. But I think the gain from encouraging better teamwork outweighs this cost.

Same thing goes for ranked stats, there are players that refuse to support because it will hurt their average kills/game. If the ranked stats showed only wins/losses it would help combat this problem.

I understand that people like more information to look at, but I don't see it really doing that much good. As it is now many people see their kills as a measure of their success, and sure kills are great, but the game is really about destroying the nexus.

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