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Riot: Pregame Chat May Have Problems

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I've been running into problems while running solo queues, because there seem to be problems with the chat log in pregame chat. In a nutshell, the trouble is that all players do not seem able to view the entire chat log from the beginning of the process.

In cases where one or more players load in more slowly than others, their chat logs may be incomplete. This wouldn't be a problem save for the practice of "calling" slots in the team meta which has gained widespread acceptance due to trolls. (In any dispute where the rules are vague, the side which is prepared to smear any hope of victory with their own excrement, and then light it on fire, tends to get its way - but I digress.) I've seen and participated in disputes where -both- sides claimed to have "called it first," and refused to budge, even to the point of actively competing for top or mid, and ruining the match for everyone - including themselves.

I don't know if it's technically feasible, but if it is at all possible to normalize chat logs so everyone sees the same thing no matter what kind of vacuum tube is standing in for their CPU would help a lot.

PS: As would some kind of guidance that, while we do want people to be free to experiment with new things, ruining the game by insisting that you should be mid instead of the guy who's already locked in doesn't fall under "trying new things."

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Delacroix Lefair

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This. I never quite noticed this before, but it seems recently (the past few months) more and more of THIS has been happening. While the call-your-position might not be the -best- way to determine things in solo que, I see this problem all the time.

I have to back Varaxael up when he says there needs to be a way to normalize the chat logs, whether that means barring anyone from posting until ALL players on your team have loaded in and have access to it, or a better solution.

At the very least, Riot should put out some sort of notice to identify this problem so players are aware that this happens. I've had a few solo quer's who lock the position they've called after someone else 'secured it' via call-order and spent half a minute arguing with the entire rest of the team saying that the remaining 4 are "trash who are partied together and trying to fool him".

The best part is (in my case) that it's normally me who gets bumped from a position into the ludicrously avoided support role (though that's another discussion entirely), and then watch as the one who bumps me proceeds to either feed the opposing laner or are horrid at jungling and provide no support to the team (and no I'm not being stereotypical and blaming the jungler for the entire game just because. I play the role enough to know the difference between not dying to jungle creeps and jungling).

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It's pick order priority...

Until you pick something someone else wanted. Then you're a bad kid noob.

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calling isn't a legit concept because not everyone loads the chat at the same second. that's like saying anyone with a fast computer gets what they want.