Changes to matchmaking dodge punishment?

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I can understand why the time penalty for dodging a que in matchmaking is there but I feel its a little steep for many reasons. LoL has grown in size considerably over the last year alone and with the new influx of players there has naturaly been a influx in less than notable summoners as well. I am sure I dont need to go into detail on these kinds of players as many of the peopole reading this post will have personaly experienced a game with them and as riot plays the game they make... I am sure a lot of the devs have met them too.

My suggestion is a revamp of the time penalty for a dodge of matchmaked game PRIOR to the game actualy starting. On a good day I wont have to dodge a single game to find a team willing to play and work together but any other day I have to dodge a que anywhere from 1-3 times to save myself 20+ (+ being if those who refused to cooperate with team refuse a surrender vote) of my time. The time penalty after just a couple of these dodges quickly adds up and becomes a greater penalty, This just becomes frustrating and leads to me just shutting the game off.

My idea is to either to include a single or couple "excuseable dodges" per day or implament a system that would hand out penaltes based on number of games dodged vs number of games played. For example if a summoner plays 5 games and then dodges 1 no penalty is to be given. Though if a track record shows a summoner dodges a few games, plays one then dodges a few more repetitivley then they become elligable for penalty. Please post back (Dev or players) and let me know if this would be a possibility/Tell me your thoughts on the idea.

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I also dun like this kind of penalty because I usually meet people who refuse to be a team. For example he call the role last and he refuse to listen to other players and he said he will feed if we dun allow him to do this or to do that in the end without dodging we end up stock with that player with him being so ....! I dun wanna say it but I understand this feeling.
My suggestion would be allow player to dodge the game at the limited amount per day before having any penalty!