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Twisted fate Build troubles

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Tooru Ichii



For twisted fate what early game build should I do? I love DFG. Is it worth rushing? I always get kages as my first item.. So should I

Boots 3x Pot


dorans 1 or 2x
DFG or Sheen or sorc

Im so confused on how to build him. can someone help me?

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Senior Member


You don't generally build DFG on Twisted Fate, unless they're stacking significant health.

Start boots and 3x pots.
Generally you'd want to rush for a catalyst for your RoA, so aim for that, if you need a bit more lane presence, you could get a Ruby Crystal + Doran's ring on your first trip back, unless you're able to farm fine.
Once you get your Catalyst, upgrade your boots.
8/10 games you'll just want to get Sorcerer's shoes for damage, but if they have a ton of CC you'll want to build Mercury Treads, or if they have a ton of AD, you'll want Ninja Tabi.
Turn your Catalyst into a RoA.
After RoA, build a Sheen, but leave it like that for now.
Build your Rabadon's Deathcap
Finish your sheen -> Build into Lich Bane.

Now, you build depending on their team. Not much MR? -> Abyssal Scepter
Need Armor? -> Zhonya's Hourglass for more damage and survivability, or if you just need a tiny edge to win the team fights -> Build Guardian's Angel.
Lots of MR? -> Void Staff

You should have either a Void Staff or an Abyssal Scepter late game. You should never have niether of these items. If someone else has an Abyssal Scepter and they still don't have any MR, you could perhaps build a Will of the Ancients.