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Gender: M

Length of Time Played:
More than 1 year

Games Played:
100 - 499


Are you a: (competitive means you play to win, gain ELO etc., not just pros)

Casual Gamer

Is LoL the only MOBA you play regularly?


Was LoL your first MOBA experience?


Have you played other MOBAS since you began playing LoL?


On a scale of 1 to 10, How much do you enjoy playing League of Legends?


Which of these influenced your decision to play LoL? (check all that apply)

Saw an ad
free to play
enjoy competitive gaming

Which of these keeps you playing LoL compared to other MOBAS?

time or money invested into LoL
other (please mention): Not a fan of the HoN UI and Dota 2 doesn't perform very well on my PC.