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Getting out of elo hell

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M5 GoZu Pepper




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Or just play Katarina. Climbed to 1300 by just playing her.

Honestly that is the Truth, Bad teams just crowd together and then you rape. I cant tell you how many quadra kills I have seen from Kat players.

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people who speak spanish are n00bz

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M5 GoZu Pepper:
Recently, I was stuck in a place where many would call as elo hell. This way a place with trolls, afkers, noobs, and people who spoke spanish. This was where poeple in 600 elo played.
The key to get out is by following 3 rules
Be positive
Be flexible
Be smart

You will always get paired with someone who will try to make your team lose. The main source of team fights within ones team is due to fighting over roles. You have to be flexible and be able to play at least 3 roles before you queue.

In, game you will encounter trolls who just feed and has a dirty attitude. You may not want to do this but sometimes you have to be positive, cool down and try to commmunicate and sorta appease them.

Lastly, you got to be smart. You need to realize that you can;'t win 10 games off the bat. You need to know which champions you are good at and which ones you can use to counter the other player. Other people wil be reading this awesome guide and will be doing stuff like you! You need to keep your head in the game and have map awareness. Wards= WINS. wards turn games around so much so use them.

I was stuck at 600 elo and even though i tried it got hard. I understand how many of you feel. If u act postive, think smart, and be flexible in your picks you can climb all the way to 1200 ( 600 elo ). Don t underestimate yourself


btw i play jungler and my name is jkimer so feel free to add me up and play some game. Got tons of experience <3

im doing all 3 and im still losing HARD ==" still getting drag the crapped down

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My tricks are:
always be positive
play smart
don't get mad (don't go on tilt)
play easy champions that u can get fed with
and play smart and aggressive i was 800elo last season and now im 1281elo it works for me maybe it can work for u.

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lol just read reginalds post on how to get out of elo hell it is a whole article