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Suggested changes that would help anyone who uses targeted abilities or auto attacks

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Posted here because there isn't a forum for mechanics discussion.

These suggestions come mainly from a lot of games played on vayne, but they apply to anyone who right clicks or uses targeted abilities to deal damage and wants to maximize their efficiency in high intensity skirmishes and team fights.

First is an option to bind a key to toggle making minions/creeps untargetable with abilities. Say I bind this command to "mouse4": now all I have to do is press "mouse4" during the casting of any ability that I only want to hit a champion, (i.e. vayne condemn, nunu bloodboil/snowball [<<biggest offenders for me playing those two champs] or ryze root, sion stun etc.) and instantly I've removed any chance of it hitting a minion on accident. This is an outgrowth of the same logic that was applied recently to ignite, (making it unusable on lane minions). It improves the quality of life for everyone who relies on specific targeted abilities to win skirmishes.

Second is an option to bind a key to make right click attack the target previously attacked. This would be a huge boon for all champions that benefit from stacking on hit effects on enemies (i.e. Darius Vayne Varus MF). Say I bind it to "ctrl"... then I can maximize damage by moving my mouse past my target and stutter stepping toward the target with right click then hit "ctrl right click" to attack them without moving my cursor or being in danger of hitting a creep or a turret or another character accidentally if they are in the midst of them.

Third is an option to bind a key to make right click attack the target nearest to your cursor. This is along the same lines of thinking as the "shift right click" principle in that it keeps you safe from accidentally moving into your target when you need to keep distance, but refines your ability to hit a specific target and switch between targets when there are minions or champions between you and your target. For example, I bind this ability to "alt" and when I next see a champion standing next to his ranged creeps but just slightly behind them I can "alt right click" just behind him without fear of my auto attacks accidentally going off on the creeps.

This last suggestion is the least pressing and could actually be wrapped into the first suggestion by making the key to make minions untargetable affect both abilities and auto attacks. Or alternatively suggestions 2 and 3 could be wrapped into the existing functionality of shift click by creating an option in the interface menu where you select how shift click functions, (hits nearest target, hits last target, or hits target closest to cursor). I think this option is less than ideal though as I feel you need attack last target for sure, and one or both of attack nearest target / attack target nearest to cursor.

I don't know how difficult this functionality is to add, but I think these suggestions will improve the gameplay experience of the average player in almost all situations where they would be otherwise frustrated by "missclicks". I play somewhere between 10 and 30 hours a week (it varies) and I know that it would double my enjoyment of the game when playing almost every role, (nothing frustrates me more than losing kills because I snowball or root a fat canon creep).

I laud riot copiously for the targeting change to ignite already implemented.

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You may be interested to know that the ` key (or ~ when holding shift) known as the "tilde" or "grave" key, usually to the left of your top numeric row, performs the "no minions targeting while right clicking" you're looking for and allows you to move without autoattacking, even in the thickest of groups.

The second item is a matter of contention and has no command that I know of, since accurate targeting is a skill in and of itself, and this would garner a lot of outcry from players who've worked hard to develop their "trigger finger."

The third is easy. just press A, and left click, similar to many RTS games, to issue an "attack-move" command, wherein your champ will move while autoattacking anything that comes in range.

Note all commands assume default keybindings.