AFK Protection

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I'm currently one of the millions of players trapped in ELO hell. Aside from in-game struggles, my current issue is with

Everyone in queue accepts a match, and we go to character selection. At this point, my team leader makes one ban, and then goes AFK. Everyone picks their role (except for the leader) and we wait. Our team leader does not choose a champion, and time expires: a random champion is given to the player - Sona. However, the other 4 teammates were expecting the leader to play AD carry.

So here's the dilemma: do we knowingly go into a 4v5 with 2 options:
1. We stick with our champion choices and if we get our 5th player back, they will be incompatible with our team composition.
2. We change our champion selection and play without the role of the AFKer until they rejoin.


Do we queue jump, taking an hour penalty to play the next game?

The solution is neither: playing the 4v5 will most likely end in a loss, lowering all teammates ELO and increasing the likelihood of repeating these events with lower tier players. Taking the hour of unplayability due to AFKs is not fair to the ranked player that wants to have a shot at an even game.

Instead, needs to kick players that don't pick champions. If they want to play random (and honestly, in solo/duo queues this option should be eliminated) they can lock-in early - but the clock expiring should just automatically boot that player from queue.