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Things I would like to see for Halloween

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1.Skin on sale

- Nightmare Cho'Gath
- Spectral Fiddlesticks
- Spooky Gangplank
- Grim Reaper Karthus
- Butcher Urgot
- Count Vladimir
- Marquis Vladimir
( - 1 of Swains skins if they fit into the halloween style)

2.Champions on sale

- Amumu (c'mon :P a mummy is basic halloween costume)
- Cho'Gath (he just looks like he would fit into that halloween stuff)
- Fiddlesticks (no need to explain)
- Sion (he`s a zombie)
- Urgot (zombie)
- Vladimir (kinda like a vampire)
- Swain

3.Other stuff

- a wraith/ghost/poltergeist champ (with a fear skill <= must-have for a ghost)
- all champs that fit into the Halloween style being free