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A Little About Me, Bliztron
(I know you won't read this)

Hi, my name is Bliztron, named after my old pet, and I am a dedicated LoL player. I greatly take interest in the champion designs on this forum, and try enthusiastically to help many people. Below is a bit of insight into my background.

Gaming Experience:

I've played LoL for a little over a year. I was getting started when Jarvan IV came out. I'm an average player who does care about winning but USUALLY won't say mean things in a game. I main Mages, my main champions being Xerath, Swain, and Brand. My common champions played are Renekton, Nocturne, Vlad, the ones listed above, Corki, and support Kayle. I made a smurf at about 200 games to play with a friend but never got him past level 12. I'm very aggressive in games and cannot tank. I just cant. I am a fan of dominion.
Design Experience:

I haven't had many major actual design projects that involves computers. I have been around many forums and off hand study game design. I have my respectful thread, Bliztron's Concepts, which is very organized and has a lot of champions in. I have designed heroes for Smite, and have created a few cards for various card games.

Major projects include a MMORPG i am working on under the current name of Merciless which I hope to complete into a well game that brings in money. I am also creating a entire card game for popular MMO World of Warcraft. (Yes I am aware that there is one, but I think i can make a better one.) I design characters as a sorta hobby, and put them in my various projects. Its not really designing, but I also write in my free time to expand my thoughts. I have made various flash games that i have sadly not put onto the internet, and hope to share my ideas with all.

My philosophy varies with the occasion. Inspiration strikes me in a variety in ways, being a lack of something or a great idea. I often think of fun ability concepts while I'm designing that eventually make it into a champion design later on. I am very lazy and currently have ~ 20-30 champions on paper that i have not posted onto the internet, each with unique skillsets and abilities. I also have another 10 on my computer that are not finalized but have skillsets well under way. After making a working skillset, I develop a champion around that, making the Lore fit the champion. I make stats after the abilities and the Overview first. I also add Dialogue to try and breath life into my concepts, but I'm just one man and ideas have slowed down considerably. For the longest of times I haven't had an idea, but was struck with a new flare of passion by Extra Joker's White Flame faction, which I am in debt. To this day I design unique ideas whether in my concepts, MMo, or books.
Now You Should Read
First off, comments and questions are completely welcomed. I will categorize all my champions, so you can find them easier. Also, if any artist (only dedicated, good artists please) finds an idea interesting, please post a link so i can put it on the Champion. I check this thread daily, so if you want me to see a champion of yours or art, please tell me!!! Also, if you want to see if i can scratch together some of you notes, and make a Champion out of it, I will be happy too! (No ideas intentionally bad: Captain Amazing, the Kick-you-so-hard-you'll-die Man). If you do have a suggestion or request, please post "post" before or after the comment. In addition to all that, I will also check over any champs that want to be checked over.

Check out the Thread of Aspiring Concepts for additional reviews and other perspectives. Post on my forum to get a direct response.
Please stay along with this forum. I will update it and the champions often, so check out the news every once in awhile to see what's going on.

! NEWS !

MAINTENANCE- (5/5*) I will be adding a Champion cohesion section that will help players see what will work best with that champion. This should further them into being considered as actual champs. Thank you.
I've done:
  • Zincir
  • Ailana
  • Vod'is
  • Flandor
  • Thornlash
Skin Detail Increase

Currently Done:
  • Thornlash
  • Zincir
  • Flandor
  • Ailana
  • Mylune
  • Nixliz

Working on a new whole Role, called the Scout role



Bury your foes under the dunes of death with the elegant new champion,Syrah, Artist in the Sand

Catch your foes and consume them whole with the fierce wyvern champion, Brimstone, the Fallen Myth

Take exploration to a whole new level with the young genius, Daemon, the Arcane Mapmaker

Fight evil or embrace it with the newest champion, Gerald, Traitor of the Light

Relations Section Addition

Shadlinn remake

Thornlash name change and rework

Arax rework

Nixliz Rework

Skin additions
Champion Updates


Syrah got a new passive to solve a lot of issues she had previously.

Flandor finally got his much needed reworking. I hope you like what I did with him. He got one skin removed and replaced with Chained Flandor

Aithne has had a HUGE reworking and complete change to her playstyle that I hope will make her more balanced, fun, and viable.

Cloudris got a major reworking on his passive and E.

Cladis got his entire kit reworked numberwise
Coming Soon
(Check bottom for more info)

-Nicholas, the Restless Monk (Maybe idea, depending on what YOU about it)
-Wolnog, the Burrowing Horror
-Barbed, the Corrupted Cactus
-_________, the Frothing Tide
-Chargegear, the Electric Fieldsman
-Enlor, the Needlenose Excavator

-Cooled Brand
-Garden Gnome Viegar

Concept Spotlight (Recommended)
(Check bottom for more info)

Need help picking out concepts from this long list? Try the recommended champs in this section!

-Horrok, the Drake's Bane
-Ailana, the Volcanic Wind Rider
-Daemon, the Arcane Mapmaker

The Original

Zincir, the Chainmaster

Exador, the Soul Thief

Taai, the Siege Weaponist


Vod'is, Predator of the Void


Thornlash, the Forest's Frenzy

The Magi

Flandor, the Dire Prophet

Daemon, the Arcane Mapmaker

Draconic Champions

Ailana, the Volcanic Wind Rider

Ageis, Wyrm of Time

Zillnix, the Galactic Menace

Coldmaw, Keeper of Freljord

Eggris, the Prismatic Serpent

Out of this World

Mylune, Warrior of the Moon

Aithne, the Sun Sorceress

Gemimi, Witch of the Eclipse

Spawns of Cruelity

Alani, Avian of Darkness

Tadhana, the Doomhound

Nixliz, the Terrorclaw

The Reborn

Ankil, the Diseased Priest

Arax, the Skittering Nightmare

Maseirph, the Angel of Regret

Alive Again... I Guess

Cassandra, the Gaseous Maidan

Lord Exan, the Forgotten Knight

Enlightened Ones

Atrah, the Just Guardian

Cloudris, the Sky Crusader

Fight the Contest

Dwen, the Second Blade

Codin, the Frozen Spear

Additional Champions

Cladis, the Connector

Numeris, Grapher of Numbers

Suggested Champions

White Flame
Horrok, the Drake's Bane

Orune's Connections

Erictus, Hand of Frost

Gerald, Traitor of the Light

Yuui, the Orunic Professor

Alldor, the Tainted Hatchling

Brimstone, the Fallen Myth

Emerald Tree
Syrah, Artist in the Sand

Dual Created Champions

Naroth, the Neon Hydra

Champion Remakes/Remodels


Cooled Brand

Prehistoric Corki

Urf Spirit Heimerdinger

Squall Janna

Jarvan IV
Stone-born Jarvan IV

Released Maokai

Hextech Pantheon

Afflicted Skarner

Raccoon Teemo

Garden Gnome Viegar

Mathematician Viktor


Coming Soon Section

Spotlight: Barbed, the Corrupted Cactus

Info: Barbed is a fighter, mage, support that takes a good balance of team work, order, ans strategy to bring out.

Passive- Prickler: Each time Barbed is hit by an ability, it gains 20% spell vamp. Stacks 2 times and lasts 6 seconds.

E- Fruited Cacti: After a 1.2 sec delay, Barbed causes a spire of cactus to erupt at a target location, dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+.2 AP) (+.1 AD) magic damage. Any ally champion that basic attacks the spire will be healed by 6/12/18/24/30 health each second for 4 sec. This stacks up to 3 times.
CD: 22/21/20/19/18
Spotlight: Wolnog, the Burrowing Horror

Info: Wolnog is a tank the focus on disruption and mobility. He has a good amount of aoe disruption with no resource.

Passive- Pit Fall: Every 250 units Wolnog moves, he gains a stack of Unstable Ground. At 8 stacks, his next basic attack will deal 140% damage and snare them for 1.5 sec. At 15 stacks, his next basic attack deals 120% of the damage in a cleave in front of him and snares all targets hit by 1 sec.

Q- Bulking Form: Wolnog expands to full lengths, becoming immobilized for .5 sec and taunting enemies over 50% to him for 1/1/2/2/3 sec and fearing enemies away from him under 50% health for .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5. Each attack received causes Wolnog to gain 1 stack of Unstable Ground.
CD: 18/16/14/12/10

W- Burrow Charge: Wolnog burrows underneath the ground, gaining 30/40/50% increased movement speed and ignores unit collision. He receives 60/65/70/75/80% reduced damage and is immune to CC during this time. If Wolnog passes under an enemy during this time, they are slowed by 10/15/20/25/30% for 2/2/3/3/4 sec and are dealt 40/65/90/115/130 (+.7 AD). This can effect an enemy only once per activate. Lasts for 3/3/4/4/5
CD: 18
Spotlight: _______, the Frothing Tide

Info: _______ is a new mage with many tricks and a majority of DoT effects. Although it is not on par with Garen in a close combat fight, it will stand out as the one to drown your opponents.

Q- Drown: _______ encases an enemy's head in water, dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (+.1 AP) magic damage every second for 5 sec and silence an enemy for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 sec.

E- Scald: _______ deals 65/100/135/170/205 (+.8 AP) magic damage and deals 5/10/15/20/25 (+ Mp5) magic damage each second for 2 second. If the enemy is effected by Bubble Incasement, Drown, or Sinking Well, they are dealt an additional 20/40/90/80/100 (+.3 AP) magic damage
Spotlight: Chargegear, the Electric Fieldsman

Info: Chargegear is a new mage that has a variety of CC effects and a new resource, called Charge. Items aren't a problem, though, because his passive cause mana- giving items to instead increase the Charge max, at a ratio. Here's a sneak peak!

Q- Shocker: Chargegear unleashes a obliterating shock, dealing 40/85/130/175/220 (+.4 AP) magic damage and stunning the enemy for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 sec. If Chargegear has 50 charge, he can consume it to cast the ability again.
CD: 15
Range: 525

E- Magnet Field: Chargegear creates a magnetic wall that lasts for 8 sec. Any enemy that passes through the wall will become snared for .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 sec and cause Chargegear to generate 10 Charge for champions and 3 Charge for minions. If an enemy passes through the wall a second time, they will have their attack speed reduced by 20/20/25/25/30% and their attack range reduced to 125.
CD: 20/19/18/17/16
Range: 850
Maybe Spotlight: Nicholas, the Restless Monk

Passive- Unrelenting Strikes: Every 4th auto attack Nicholas makes ignores 50% of the enemies' armor and deals 4% of the damage each second for 4 seconds.

Q- Energy Rebound: Nicholas' next auto attack causes him to regain 2/4/6/8/10% of his max health. Lasts 4 sec.
CD: 25

W- Unbreakable Will: Nicholas' next auto attack stuns the target for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 sec and grants him 35 tenacity.
CD: 18

E- Dual Strike: Nicholas' next basic attack will deal double damage and increases his attack speed by 5/10/15/20/25% for 8 seconds. Each attack made during this time will increases is next Dual Strike's damage by 5%
CD: 22

Ultimate- Flying Fist: Passive- Each time Nicholas uses an ability that is not this one, this ability's CD is reduced by 1 sec. Active: Nicholas' next basic attack will have a range of 225/325/425 and bounce between up to 2 extra targets, which continues to trigger on hit effects.
CD: 100

Concept Spotlight

Horrok, the Drake's Bane
Horrok combines a large variety of tactics in order to punish enemies. He has large burst damage, can counter tanks, and also has a good amount of burst CC. It all depends on how you want to play him!
Ailana, the Volcanic Wind Rider
With Ailana's new kit coming together to form a fun hybrid AP AD caster, this champion will excite you with her close attacks and long range. She has a great deal of options open to her from a ranged AP mage to a close up AD basic attacker
Daemon, the Arcane Mapmaker
Daemon is a new champion who supports his allies in a very interesting way. With a reliable reveal, good damage buffs, and solid CC, he is a good support for anyone. He is even a great support for his beloved Ezreal.

Bug Station (Trying to Fix)



Update(s) Required

#1 Finish Foundation
This includes the Notes, the Recommended Build, the Roles, The Edit Log, and Stats

#2 Revision
Revise to look for Cohesion and make necessarily number changes

#3 Lore Addition
Fleshing out the story and adding lore to the ones that did not have it

#4 Note Modifier
Add a Playing Against Section and finish any Note related subjects

#5 Match Up Section
This is the section where it explains what lanes that champ[ion should go, strategies for each map, and more.

#6 Preview Addition
This is where the reasoning of creation and a short preview is added. THIS IS NOT IN EFFECT AS OF CURRENTLY

#7 Animation Addition
This is where I will add animation descriptions to each champion for each move. Also, i will flesh out the description THIS IS NOT IN EFFECT AS OF CURRENTLY

#8 Better Skins
This is where I will increase the description of skins and what they effect THIS IS NOT IN EFFECT AS OF CURRENTLY
Issac, the Essence Channeler

Nina, the Everchanging Archer

XT-2, the Mechanic's Glory

Friend Threads



Honor Urf

Our Council Thread

Katsuni's AWESOME Thread

Corner of Remembrance. (And missing)

-Sloth the Sin
-Emporer Tigga G

R.I.P old friends

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Shamus Aran

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*reads title* Awesome! I'll be sure to give some of yours a look, too.

Item to be reviewed, if sir so chooses:

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@Shamus Aran and NagginNinja, review done.

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I'm liking alot of yours, too. Gonna +1 your thread so that you last 1 vote longer in a close.

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bump because we all have to now a days

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I really like the Moon Warrior tank

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Since I'm not sure if it was seen the first time, I'm going to copy/paste my review of a couple of your characters (that I did as part of a topic bump) over from JASLegend's thread.

First, Zincir, the Chainmaster.

I'll start by saying that the passive seems to give him an awfully high difficulty curve - the steep requirement, combined with the fact that even the best case would mean a couple of minutes between bonuses, seems too impractical. Until I come up with more specific numbers for everything, I'd say nerf the damage boost (and possibly the duration of the silence), reduce the stack requirement for the passive to 10, and reduce the number of stacks the ultimate gives to 5.

The W... I appreciate you trying to differentiate a pull-in ability, but no, the penalty for missing seems too high. Specific penalties for hitting a wall probably could use a little weakening, but I'm more concerned about the stack difference between missing and hitting. Gain one stack on a hit but lose THREE on a miss? I'd only stomach three on a miss if we were gaining at least two on a hit.

Besides that, I've got little to say.

Now, Zillnix, the Galactic Menace.

I rarely worry about damage stats in my reviews, and the idea of a delayed burst after a primary burst is interesting, but for the Q ability, a total of 520 damage before factoring in anything else? I know enemy champions would have to be brain-dead to get the full effect, but even so, that seems WAY too powerful for a standard ability as it is now, especially for an AoE. I'll do something uncharacteristic of me and suggest numbers; I'd say nerf the initial cone's damage to 190 at rank 5, and make the star's explosion do 175 at rank 5. (I will let you scale the other ranks.) Then split the AP scaling between them. It still appears a little powerful to me, but those numbers should be far more manageable, and the high numbers take into account two things: the time delay of the second burst because that could be a good time for an enemy to fit in a heal, and the range because 450 for the second burst seems easily evaded unless you were smacked dead-center with the cone. (They could go even lower though.)

The W ability seems like it should be a blink from existence rather than a burrow, flavor-wise, but the ability seems okay as it is. I'll get back to you on the cooldown length though.

I'll leave someone else to discuss the E ability other than the fact that with that range and that duration, dealing that level of movement and attack speed debuffs seems very weak.

The ultimate. I actually think this should do MORE damage since you're channelling for a full 2 seconds, leaving you a sitting duck for (for instance) quick-thinking players with skillshots. For now, I'll say 550 at rank 3. I'd go higher, but that snare effect, as suggested by your writeup, synergizes with the Q ability.

Overall, nice synergy and ability style, just that the numbers needed some work.

You've got so many champions from there that I'll just have to take them a couple at a time.

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Originally Posted by FrostyTheDragon View Post
Since I'm not sure if it was seen the first time, I'm going to copy/paste my review of a couple of your characters (that I did as part of a topic bump) over from JASLegend's thread.

You've got so many champions from there that I'll just have to take them a couple at a time.
thx for reviews.

Changed alot of stuff.

What do you mean on the last part?

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Basically, Bliztron, I usually choose to review just a couple champions at a time because I want to be able to give them some thought and not burn myself out by the last champion.

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